30 “Ugly Belgian Houses” That Look Like Their Architects Forgot Their Training

Published 5 months ago

In a world saturated with meticulously curated aesthetics and picture-perfect homes, there’s an Instagram account that stands out for its unapologetic celebration of the unconventional. ‘Ugly Belgian Houses’ boldly declares, “Better to be ugly than to be boring” in its bio, setting the tone for an account that delights in showcasing the peculiar and the extraordinary.

This intriguing Instagram page has gained a massive following by challenging traditional notions of architectural beauty, proving that uniqueness and character can be found in the most unexpected places. Check out some of its hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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#1 You Had One Job

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “When you and your friend marry identical twins.”

Jay Scales : “Ideal for spouses who ‘like their own space’ :D”

#2 Total Eclipse Of The House

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “Turn around, Bright Eyes.”

#3 Bombastic Side Eye

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Cloblobster : “*Squints m*ther f**kerly”

Susan Teter : “🎵 I always feel like somebody’s watching me🎵”

#4 When You Try To Take A Picture Of An Introvert

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Sandy D : “As an introvert, I can verify this is accurate”

#5 Think Outside The Parallelogram

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Captain Kyra : “This looks like drawings in first grade”

#6 Alles Kan. Koffie Kan. Water Kan. Maar Balkon Niet

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

still tired : “Direct translation: Everything is possible. Coffee can. Water can. But not balcony.”

#7 So Is This Where Blackboxrevelation Lives?

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

~ lefty libra️ ~ : “put a stick and a carrot and bam! you have a new bunny!”

#8 When Your Contractor Watches A How To Video Halfway Through

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Janet Bergstrom : “Anyone else see the ghost in the window of house closest to us?!”

#9 In Belgium We Don’t Build Our Dreams. We Build Our Nightmares

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Tucker Cahooter : “That house looks drunk”

#10 Shiteau

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Ronstantin : “Can’t see what’s wrong here. OK, the driveway needs some attention. But apart from that, I like it. Housie was visited by his little tower friend and now they live together.”

Will Cable : “Architect had a bout of Turret syndrome…”

Deborah B : “When your heart says “castle,” but your budget says “three bedroom semi-detatched.””

#11 One Of Moses’ Less Famous Miracles

Image source: uglybelgianhouses


Will Cable : “Thank goodness it was a tree, imagine telling people they can come straight in through your bush!”

#12 That’s Me In The Corner, Choosing My Transmission

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

sbj : “That’s a lot of roof”

#13 When Your House Is Low On Storage Space You Can Always Delete Windows

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Libstak : “The windows are obviously on the sides, this would reduce traffic noise and ensure privacy.”

The Original Bruno : “I don’t know why, but where I’m from, it’s VERY common to have a wall with no windows. It’s probably far rarer to have windows on all four walls.”

Tucker Cahooter : “At least they won’t get any peeping toms”

#14 (Ver)bauhaus

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Jay Son : “For those wondering about the captions “ver”, in this it would be translated as “re” as in “rebuild house””

#15 The House Has Left The Building

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

BigCityLady : “The house seems to be still downloading as it is still at 87%.”

#16 What Kind Of Shape Do You Like: Circle, Rectangle, Triangle, Trapezium, .. Yes!

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

PandaJon : “That’s where Pacman lives”

BigCityLady : “Was there a manufacturers blow out sale of “slightly irregular” for home builders?”

#17 Slugly Belgian Houses

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

PandaJon : “Sorry boss, someone must have knocked the blueprint halfway through”

#18 When You Are A Home Alone And Scared

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

sbj : “The house has witnesses some s**t happening through the neighbours windows”

#19 They Call It House Arrest

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

sbj : “Bottom floor must have been a shop”

#20 The Ugly Belgian Houses Virus Is Spreading

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

GoldfishCrackers : “Many times I feel brick should be left unpainted, however this right here seems like a perfect candidate for a fresh coat of paint.”

Bored something : “This one looks like they got part way through power washing the bricks.”


Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Javelina Poppers : “Always wondered what happened to Cecil B DeMille’s Ten Commandment movie props.”

#22 I Think They Blocked Me

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Lotekguy : “Perfect for shooting porn films without upsetting the neighbors.”

#23 When You Send The Architect Back To The Drawing Board, But He Sends The Drawing Board Back

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Jake B : “Drive on movie time!”

varwenea : “The neighbors show up with lawn chairs expecting a movie.”

#24 In Belgium We Use The Metricsytem And Also Sometimes The Tetricsystem

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “Turn it around before it lands!”

#25 Never Fool Around With Superglue

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “It can stick two completely different buildings together, with just one drop!”

#26 Some People Have Gingerbread Houses, I Have A Pizza Hut

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Karma Black : “I think I built this in The Sims once.”

Ozymandias73 : “How quaint. That house is wearing a fancy hat!”

#27 You Can Say What You Want, But The Facade Is A Huge Plus

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Janet Bergstrom : “Squidward??”

#28 When You Accidentally Break A Formula In Excel

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “Someone could at least file it so it’s even.”

#29 Ready For Take-Off

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Daycare Attendant Sun : “If Ultra Magnus was a house”

#30 When Your House Runs Out Of Battery

Image source: uglybelgianhouses

Kobe (she) : “That looks like a barn. Like; open in the backside to house tractors/machinery and so. It could have used some tiling or paint in the front to make it look less depressing. But, my guess – it is not a house.”

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