10+ Times Uncles Proved To Be The Comedians Of The Family

Published 7 years ago

We all have that one uncle (at least) that makes every family gathering special. Usually it is by doing something silly and embarrassing themselves, but it’s special nonetheless.

Down below you’ll find a collection of the most hilarious, weird and sometimes even impressive ‘uncling’ cases, that are sure to brighten up your day. After seeing them you’ll know that no matter how silly your uncle might be, you can rest assure that at least he doesn’t have an eagle tattoo on his forehead.

(h/t boredpanda)

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#1 When You’re A Chef At A 5-Star Restaurant But The Nephew Wants Chicken Nuggets And Mac-N-Cheese

Image source: comacomacomacomachameleon

#2 This Time Last Year We Went To The Courthouse To Get Married. My Uncle Was Our Witness With Only A Few Hours Notice

Image source: Cptnbumout

#3 Uncle Made Jaws-Inspired Crib For His 2-Month-Old Nephew

Image source: Joseph Reginella

#4 An Email I Received From My Uncle

Image source: DeniWen

#5 More Uncle Success: My Nephews Believe This Is Marshmallow Farm

Image source: jrf1

#6 My Uncle Has A Great Sense Of Humor

Image source: JBSpartan

#7 My Uncles Gift To The Family This Year Wasn’t Really Apreciated

Image source: Joshyboy401

#8 My Uncle Won “Funniest Costume” For The Best Ursula I Have Ever Seen

Image source: tbond22

#9 My Uncle Had A Great Time At The Vet The Other Day

Image source: catscatsandmorecatz

#10 My Uncle Has Had A Prosthetic Leg For The Past 18 Years. He Swaps Out Legs Every Few Years Due To Heavy Usage. This Is His New One

Image source: bmoore87


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