Artist Creates Upcycled Ceramic Creations With An Attitude (30 Pics)

Published 6 months ago

Dave Zackin is a Brooklyn-based pottery artist who uses discarded pots to create functional artwork at his community ceramic studio in NY. His passion for trying to make something new out of half-finished pot has become a challenge that has seen him churning out many pieces over time. 

Zackin admits that though he was never great at drawing from life, he had a talent for putting in eyes and noses to create funny faces. He translated this skill to a big pile of discarded pots he found in his backyard where folks had thrown out pots on which they had tested our glazing experiments. The experiment soon grew to an obsession with a rising collection of discarded pots decorated with funny faces and written notes from which we’ve shared a few in the gallery below. 

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#1 The partially-melted spatula is my favorite spatula.

Marcos ValenciaMine too. That’s why it’s partially melted.

#2 I am afraid of the dark.

#3 Don’t talk to me.

BittyBerryIntrovert plant

#4 If you can read this, I am sorry to inform you that the little candies have all been eaten.

#5 When I find fruits that resemble human buttocks I display them in here. Look!

SilvermidnightI’m looking! I’m looking! Don’t worry! 😨

#6 The amazing fish who can speak.

#7 Dear cat, your food is disgusting and you cannot read and I love you.

ShockSandSniper_: Your cat: I CAN read, hooman

#8 This text makes the bowl harder to clean.

#9 Please do not forget to blink every four seconds.

#10 I am ready for lunch.

#11 Your hands are a little gross. Please use a fork to eat the rest of the M&Ms.

#12 Measured in bananas, the circumference of this bowl is one.

#13 Let’s eat cookies an after that…

Peppy: That’s the one for me 🍪🥛

#14 So… We meet again…

#15 I am sorry that your new baby is illiterate.

#16 Today is a good day to quit your job ans start illegal tilapia farm in the basement. Live your dream!

#17 For your collection of very small rocks that look a little like human teeth.


#18 I can see my house from here!

#19 We should go back to sleep.

#20 I made you a salad with wild edibles I found on my nature walk.

Julie moreau quilliouLove this one

#21 Devote your life to us please.


Kraneia The Dancing Dryadring ring ring! banana phone!

#23 My problems are bigger than your problems.

fair_weather_rose: Those must be some pretty impressive problems

#24 You have eaten all my brains. I hope you are happy.

ShockSandSniper_I am! tasty ~._.~



#26 I didn’t know what to get you, so I got you this fancy bowl. It was 700 dollars.

SilvermidnightI am touched! It was so expensive . . . 🥰


#28 Wow! This is just like eating off of my bathroom floor!

Silvermidnight: I will go barf now. Excuse me.

#29 This water is from the sink, not the toilet.

ShockSandSniper_: trust me bro

#30 Fine art.


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