20 Hilarious Screenshots Of “Uninspiring Adverts” Online, As Shared By This Facebook Page

Published 11 months ago

We sometimes come across ads that are incredibly strange, bizarre, or just plain awkward. These advertisements make us wonder what the advertisers were thinking and leave us feeling confused.

From strange product placements to confusing slogans, these ads grab our attention, but not necessarily in a good way. Today we’ve collected some weird ads from the “Uninspiring Adverts” community that pushed the boundaries of weirdness, leaving viewers entertained, puzzled, and maybe even questioning the sanity of the advertisers.

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#1 Mmm, Gravel


Image source: Owen Dawson

#2 Uninspiring Advert


Image source: Dawn Clarke

#3 Whoop Whoop! That’s The Sound Of The Police!


Image source: Lisa Morris

#4 Mothersqueaker


Image source: Flora Cate

#5 Uninspiring Advert


Image source: Johnathon Tango

#6 All In All You’re Just Another Pack In The Wall


Image source: Paul Matthew

#7 My Theory Is That The Dog Wrecked It And Then Quickly Put It Up For Sale Before Its Owner Got Home


Image source: Owen Dawson

#8 Boo!


Image source: Debbie Gavan Castle

#9 Uninspiring Advert


Image source: Conrad Buck

#10 Just When I Thought Life Couldn’t Get Any Better, I Give You


Image source: Sarah Mallett

#11 Nice Lamp, Bro


Image source: Steve Radcliffe

#12 Gran Got Better!


Image source: Jeff Malena

#13 That Will Polish Out…


Image source: Spenser Arnold

#14 Uninspiring Advert


Image source: Emma Louise

#15 Hmm… Rolls Roy..?


Image source: Lewis Norman

#16 Uninspiring Advert


Image source: Jason Bolster

#17 Forget Electric Cars. Hyundai Have Made An Engine-Less Car


Image source: Owen Dawson

#18 Anyone Fancy A Bit Of Mood Frightening (Lighting)


Image source: Jo Mason

#19 Seriously. What Can I Say About This Except “Shut Up And Take My Money”?


Image source: Stewart Pawl

#20 Uninspiring Advert


Image source: Sam Reece


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