35 Cursed Memes That Might Make You Question Things And Laugh At The Same Time

Published 8 months ago

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Twitter (now known as X) remains a hub for creativity, humor, and sometimes, the downright bizarre. One X page that has been making waves for its unconventional approach to meme culture is “AAAAAAAAAA.” If you’re a fan of weird and cursed memes, this is the account you’ve been waiting for.

This X page, with its quirky handle and distinctive aesthetic, has gained a dedicated following of meme enthusiasts who appreciate the art of pushing boundaries and exploring the outer reaches of internet humor. Check out some of their hilarious memes in the gallery below.

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Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “It really is funny how quickly they learn the ins and outs when they can’t read yet.”

HelluvaHedgehogAlien : “I still cannot tie my shoes and let’s just say that my age doesn’t go well with that fact”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Stardust she/her : “The “picture” of the planet is most likely just cgi and the only way we can figure out the chemical composition of the planet’s atmosphere is just analysing the light that passes through it”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

WindySwede : “I’m loving it”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Feathered Dinosaur : “Still can’t convince me to study or want to have anything to do with physics”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Chihuahua Mama : “Why are they like this?!”

Stephanie Did It : “Love the Rear Window reference!”

Phoebe Bean : “Mosquitoes do this too.”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

WindySwede : ” Even worse scenario. Third (missing) sign: Welcome to Australia”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Kristal : “Yet, the tent still fits inside the tent bag …”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Ditto : “Why is this so funny 🤣 Gosh my humour is broken”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Zedrapazia : “Oh no, my child is acting up because they’re bored. Let’s make them even more bored!”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Olivia Carr : “I am too sober to read this one”

Alexandra : ” Actually, Dutch police arrested a shoplifter. Shoplifter had this bird on him. There is no evidence that this bird took an active part in the shoplifting. Dutch police being what they are, they provided a safe environment for this bird and food while processing the shoplifting owner of said bird. In due course, if necessary, they would have contacted animal protective services.”

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “There’s some medical condition that causes a person to walk stooped over, with their hands hanging down like an ape. In a medical textbook, I saw a photo of a man with the condition next to a photo of a gorilla. The man’s face was covered by a black box. So was the gorilla’s.”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Chrissie Anit : “their instead of it’s (and it would be “its” anyway). A teacher is a person. Source: a teacher.”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Moxitron Jazz : “as long as i dont have to pay larvae support…”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Ditto : “I never liked dark mode until I was introduced to it, now I cannot escape the black void despite longing to see the light again”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Chrissie Anit : “I thought at first it was “typing insetead” that they were afraid of. They should be, it looks atrocious.”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Kimbowa : “I’m a bottle of rum pirate.”

Thing 3 : “Wow, that answer is pure gold. I would say I’m a modern swashbuckler and let’s leave it at that.”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Feathered Dinosaur : “Eleven eleven”

Shelli Aderman “Elleventy eleven!”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

PlatinumThe8-BitCat : ” The Pikachu looks like it just ate a sour candy”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Chihuahua Mama : “Why did I think this was a picture of serial killers hanging out together?!”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Per-Ole Sjuve : “Not true. If everyone has one child, then the population stagnate. If every couple has one child (and they stay a couple), then the population decrease.”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Kira Okah : “If anyone wants an explanation – pigeons are domesticated rock doves. Rock doves are cliff nesting birds, so they only need to make sure that the egg doesn’t roll off the rocks. You’ll see similar nesting or lack thereof in other cliff birds like kittiwakes. Cliff bird not need no fancypants nest like some kinda tree bird.”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

WindySwede : “sphere-f****d?”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Harry (Katonies) : “This happens to me all day”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Kimbowa : “Wait. This changes everything.”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Bittersweetie : “But maybe using FINesteride?”

Benita Valdez : “Let’s just be glad they didn’t put boobs on a fish”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Stardust she/her : “Sugar, humans eat unnatural amounts of sugar”

Zedrapazia : “Cats and dogs can have bad teeth”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Ditto :Awww! I’ll always forgive you little doggo!”

Falcon : “That’s literally me 10 minutes ago… asked them to send me a drawing of what they want cause I’m not understanding words atm. Damn Mondays.”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Jared Robinson : “The bloodhound gang made a song about this.”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

MrLoufoque : “I laughed way too hard at this!”

QuanτumSpace2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣ : “I snort-laughed”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “You never know when you’re going to need chicken seasoning.”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “Attila the Hun shares it.”

James016 : “Winnie The Pooh as well.”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

Feathered Dinosaur : “I’m in that picture and I don’t like it”


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA


Image source: AAAAAAAAAAA

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