20 Eccentric Real Estate Listings Found By ‘Zillow Gone Wild’ (New Pics)

Published 1 year ago

There are some homes that make you scratch your head, laugh out loud, and wonder if you’ve accidentally stumbled into a parallel universe.

Thanks to the hilarious Reddit page “Zillow Gone Wild” we’ve rounded up some of the most absurd and downright peculiar real estate listings ever to grace the internet. So buckle up, prepare for a good chuckle, and join us on this wild ride through the strangest properties spotted by “Zillow Gone Wild”. And if you want to see more such pics, hop on to our previous article here and here.

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#1 Such A Cute Living R….what Is That?

Image source: camelz4

#2 Some Garages Have A Tool Bench, Some Have A Swimming Pool ($338,800 In Ohio)

Image source: salthazar

#3 Could You Survive This House?

Image source: Basghetti

#4 What Is Happening In This Room?!

Image source: KmartDino3

#5 Can’t Have The Public Thinking They’re ~poor~ For Only Having A Truck, Beamer, And Benz In The Driveway, Better Add A Bentley!

Image source: Smileyface3000

#6 Selling A Home With A Squatter

Image source: drewb124

#7 This Grass Is Lookin A Little Sus

Image source: MonsterTruckCarpool

#8 Ugly, Ugly Bathroom

Image source: gkar56

#9 This Seems Like The Right Place, How Would You Feel About This As A Subreddit?

Image source: bathtissue101

#10 Jetsons Time Capsule – Too Busy Finding Star Shaped Decor To Not Block The Entrance Or Add Windows

Image source: StrawberryHannah

#11 Do I Tell The Potential New Owners About The Room In The Basement Or Let Them Find It On Their Own?

Image source: Zakkattack86

#12 Just Needs A Little Water And It Should Perk Right Up

Image source: Gooch_Gobbler

#13 Imagine Stepping Out Of The Shower Just To Fall Down The Stairs

Image source: pmcats

#14 When Your Decorating Aesthetic Is “1983 Midwestern Marriott Hotel Bar”

Image source: rehtulx

#15 I Went To View A House Yesterday And Found This Qr Code On The Back Of A Cupboard Door. I Got Bloody Rick Rolled During A House Viewing!

Image source: thesaddestpanda

#16 Bond Villains Do Exist

Image source: stupid42usa

#17 6.5m Home With Indoor Mini Italy

Image source: DailyDoseOfScorpio

#18 She Comes With The House

Image source: m-616

#19 A Drawbridge, A Knight In Armor, A Murder Dungeon, A Hall Of Mirrors And So Much More (Link In The Comments)

Image source: stupid42usa

#20 Really, Though

Image source: reddit.com

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