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20 People Whose Parents Were Not So Good At Naming Them, As Shared By Folks Online

Published 3 months ago

Choosing a name for your child is an important decision. But, sometimes parents opt for names that leave others scratching their heads in confusion.

The Facebook group ‘That name isn’t a tragedeigh, it’s a murghdyrr’ is a place where people have wondered how parents came up with such unusual and eccentric names for their children. From unique spellings to unconventional combinations, these names are sure to make you wonder about the creative process behind them.

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#1 Funny Unique Names


Image source: anon

#2 Funny Unique Names


Image source: anon

#3 I Adore This Sweet, Precious Mama… But Her 8 Babies’ Names Are Random, Rare, And Radically Right?! Fun Too: There’s 4 Boys And 4 Girls


Image source: anon

#4 Funny Unique Names


Image source: Juniper Rain Robinson

#5 This Name Is Pronounced “Your Highness.” Enjoy The Rest Of Your Day


Image source: anon

#6 I Had To Dig Into My High School Yearbook For This One – Poor Kiddo


Image source: anon

#7 Funny Unique Names


Image source: Emma Sutcliffe,

#8 Seen At A Swim Class:


Image source: Elisabeth Beadle McBee

#9 Funny Unique Names


Image source: Sonya Alexys

#10 Funny Unique Names


Image source: Mary Virginia Muñoz

#11 Funny Unique Names


Image source: anon

#12 Kakarot Why


Image source: Kate Lewis

#13 The Fact She Has To Put (Jessica) Next To Her Name


Image source: anon

#14 You Named Her What???


Image source: Caitlin Barnes

#15 Anonymous Because This Is A Relative And I Am Paranoid. The Worst Part Is Glycerine’s Siblings Are Emily And Jackson


Image source: anon

#16 Pls Stop Naming Ur Kids Arson


Image source: anon

#17 Funny Unique Names


Image source: Ash Sknab

#18 I Just Posted And Then Came Across This.. It Just Has To Be A Mistake, Right???


Image source: anon

#19 Funny Unique Names


Image source: anon

#20 I’m Really Hoping This Is A Nickname

Image source: Katie Allen

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