12 Dark Horoscopes That Will Not Make You Feel Good

Published 7 years ago

While horoscopes usually tend to be a source of those feel-good prophecies about the near future, not everybody sees them the same way. Take Toronto-based artist Amrit Brar for example, who has crafted a dark humor-induced version she called ‘Shitty Horoscopes.’

As the name suggests, these might not make you feel that great about what’s coming next, but they sure will put a smile on your face. That’s thanks to these sincere and spot-on observations about what your zodiac sign entails and maybe even about yourself.

Scroll down to see your fortune and let us know in the comments how accurate do these feel to you?

More info: Amrit Brar | kickstartertumblr | instagram (h/t)

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#1 Taurus

#2 Gemini

#3 Cancer

#4 Leo

#5 Virgo

#6 Libra

#7 Scorpio

#8 Sagittarius

#9 Capricorn

#10 Aquarius

#11 Pisces

#12 Aries


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