5 Times This Dad Switched Gender Roles In His Daughter’s Disney Books

Published 3 years ago

Disney is popular worldwide for its wonderful stories, but often it faces criticism because of its negative influence on young girls. In most classic Disney stories, the princess is defined by her physical appearance and is usually rescued by a prince, which makes young girls feel like they are supposed to fit into society’s beauty standards and that they need a man to get them out of problems.

Disney has broken some stereotypes in the past few years, but it still has a long way to go. Meanwhile, this dad (@dcaspers on TikTok) went viral for changing his daughter’s Disney classic fairytales and updating them so that they fit into the modern scenario better. He has received a mixed reaction from the folks online: some people believe it’s progressive while others think he is being overdramatic about it. Scroll below to find out how he decided to break gender stereotypes and share your opinions in the comments.

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Image source: dcaspers


Image source: dcaspers


Image source: dcaspers


Image source: dcaspers


Image source: dcaspers

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