Just Gen-Zers Proving Their Photography Skills With Random Strangers

Published 1 year ago

Move over millennials, the Gen-Zers are stepping out and boy oh boy do they have a unique skillset. Its always interesting to see the changes from generation to generation and while we certainly don’t want to admit that we are not on top of our game when it comes to anything to do with technology, the truth is we were not born with technology, it developed along with us.

So our understanding of it is not quite as intrinsic as displayed by these Gen-Zers as clearly indicated by their simple but effective photography skills which are absolutely mind-bending. Honestly, its like we live in different worlds comparing the skills of the average millennial vs what appears to be any Gen-Zer at this point. Don’t believe us? Dive in and decide for yourself.

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Shanilou Perera

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