Getting a Job as an Event Planner

Published 8 years ago

If you are interested in corporate event planning, it is never too late to get started. To be an event planner, there are just a few attributes you have to have to make this career a successful one. You have to do advertising, you need to be a critical thinker, and you have to be available any day and every day of the week especially if you are going into business for yourself.

Needing to do Advertising

If you want to get into business for yourself, you should hand out business cards to let people know that you are an event planner. If you do not have clients, then you will not have a job. On that card you should have a catchy title and your name and phone number. You can discuss price with a potential client once they call you for a meeting. You may choose to work for someone else. If that is the case, then you have to do the best job possible. A client may recommend you to other family and friends so be sure to make the least mistakes possible.

Having Critical Thinking Skills

As an event planner, anything could go wrong. Someone could have ordered the wrong thing or part of your team may not show up for an assignment. You have to think on your feet and turn a bad situation into a great situation. If you want your clients to do business with you again, you have to have an answer for every problem. Along with critical thinking; you have to have positive thinking.

Making Yourself Available

You never know when a potential client could call you; it could be day or night. Since this is how you make your money, you have to meet a potential client whenever they have time. If you were to work at an event planning company, then you would have set hours.

By getting a job in corporate event planning, it is important that you do the advertising to gain potential clients. You should also have critical thinking skills, be a great positive thinker, and also make yourself available especially if you go into business for yourself. Not only should you have these attributes as an event planner, but creativity is also an important thing to have. Being an event planner is a fun career with a lot of important roles such as working with others that have the same strive to do the best for each project as you do.

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