These Are The Responses Women Got After Asking Their Crush Out, And They’re Too Funny

Published 7 years ago

Talking to a crush while keeping your cool can be a challenge enough. Talking to your crush about having a crush on them is a whole new level of challenging but that is exactly what a British relationship blogger Oloni asked her Twitter followers to do by announcing the #datechallenge. This challenge invited girls to ask out the guys they liked on a date.

The responses are… well, they’re quite a mixed bag. From heartwarming yeses, to the most brutal ways of saying “no”. But no matter the answer, these guys had the guts to put everything on the table, and in most cases, that’s for the best.

Check out the funny results of the challenge below and tell us about how you handled the often difficult confession yourself.

More info: twitter (h/t boredpanda)

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