Paris Hilton Just Tweeted That She And Britney Invented The Selfie And These 24 Responses Made It Viral

Published 7 years ago

One of the first socialites that became famous for being famous (and some other recordings), Paris Hilton recently also claimed to be the first person to invent selfies. A lot of twitter users, however, didn’t agree with the statement and did a lot of digging to prove the heiress wrong.

Some people went through their family photo albums and found pictures of their parents holding and smiling at the camera. Others went through the celebrity archive and found mirror selfies of Stanley Kubrick and Frank Sinatra. And then the really dedicated ones dug all the way back to 1909 and found evidence that completely crushed the thoughtless statement.

This is not the first time the star insisted that she invented selfies; in an interview for W magazine earlier this year, Paris Hilton said she took her first selfie with a disposable camera back when she was a kid. It seems that even the socialite herself is confused by her own stories…

More info: twitter (h/t)

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