20 People Shared The Advice They Wish They Knew When They Were Younger

Published 10 months ago

It’s annoying that we all have to go through the same learning cycles. We often make the same mistakes as others, only to learn the same lessons again and again. However, maybe if we learned to listen deep within ourselves, the answers were there, to begin with. 

One Redditor sparked the most interesting discussion online which quickly went viral due to its insightful nature. The poster asked community members to share one piece of advice they wish they had known when they were younger and folks were quick to share their advice. So scroll below for a relatable read that provides great guidance to boot and feel free to share your own recommendations in the comments sections. 

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#1 Stop pining over people and just ask them out as soon as you realize you like them. If their answer is yes, then yay! If their answer is no, they you don’t waste a bunch of energy having a crush on them when it won’t go anywhere. I finally followed that advice and it’s working out great.

Image source: thesheba, Rémi Walle

#2 Don’t let your happiness depend solely on someone else.

Image source: beano724, Adrian Swancar

#3 Don’t spend so much time thinking about what other people think of you (they care more about themselves than you). Spend more time discovering yourself and loving/accepting who you are instead of wasting time doing things to get their approval. That, and… When you thought that (whatever drama/comment/snarky remark etc) was about you, it wasn’t really about you. It was about them.

Image source: missylo, Annie Spratt

#4 Take care of your teeth / get as much done while on your parents dental plans as possible. Necessary s**t and preventative procedures. Cuz holy f**k, when you’re 24 with no coverage and you break a tooth, it’s going to take you sooo f*****g long to get it fixed and paid off.

Image source: duhbell, Diana Polekhina

#5 Dump him the first time he cheated

Image source: inevak1, Vera Arsic


“Do what you love” is b******t for most of us. Do something you like and that provides you with the conditions to do what you love on your free time.

Image source: vewvea


Yah hey 18 yr old me:

You know how you are they only skinny one in the family? That is not because you are genetically programmed to stay in model shape. It is because you work out constantly because you love dance.

Yes you can now eat 3 Big Macs In a sitting and all the casseroles your mom makes with crisco by the cups. You might even be within the food pyramid of 1992 (it’s b******t!). But the minute you switch to college life, work out only a few hours a week at most, age….boom you are going to join the rest of the fam!

Learn how to eat while you are still skinny. Then learn some sports that you can do at 30 unlike ballet on point. Then learn to prioritize them.

Lovingly, overweight 44 yr old you.

Image source: anon

#8 Surround yourself with people that treat you well. Anyone else, whether they are family or friends, can be pushed away if they want to treat you like s**t. Life isn’t about sticking around in unhealthy relationships, it is about cultivating the ones that actually matter.

I recently got a call from my dad telling me how much of a lazy piece of s**t (his words) I am for skipping Thanksgiving and not helping build a fence. I have to work to make ends meet and I am starting to think I don’t have time for his toxic b******t.

Image source: anon, Boxed Water Is Better


Treat everyone with respect. Friends, family, coworkers, doormen, waitstaff, hairdressers, etc. Everyone deserves dignity. Its seems a little thing, but its huge to those on the receiving end.

Image source: WallflowersAreCool2

#10 I wish I’d known earlier that I would be happier if I stopped needlessly judging people.

Image source: anon, Anthony Tran

#11 Your parents are not always right, morally OR factually. And sometimes, they are more concerned about their own reputation than your wellbeing. Basically, your parents are only human.

Image source: difficultymedium, Monstera

#12 If you don’t think the tattoo looks good, say so. Don’t assume the tattoo artist knows better than you do. Would have saved me a lot of grief and, hopefully not too far in the future, money for removal/a cover up.

Image source: ciestaconquistador, Steven Erixon

#13 You can talk back to your brain. Talk back to your bad thoughts and tell them they’re wrong. Not every bad thought is a reality. Also, bad days are okay. Bad day does not equal a bad life.

Image source: henryspofford, Nathan Dumlao


Don’t let compliments get to your head and don’t let insults get to your heart.

Image source: Trollstack


If the shoes aren’t 100% comfortable in the store-leave them there.

Image source: zerozingzing


Get tested. It’s not in your head.

Your mother is not a Dr and doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Image source: La_Diablita_Blanca


That it’s ok to go in to a skilled trade and not HAVE to go to college and wrack up thousands of dollars worth of debt.

Image source: anon

#18 Don’t be so desperate for love and affection you find it in the absolute worst places. Wait your time until you’re old enough and don’t be like me and make a million mistakes you’ll regret on abusive men who never deserved the time of day.

Image source: tinstinabeenabins, Tyler Nix


Don’t waste your skinny years thinking you’re fat.

Image source: pick90

#20 Success greets you in private and failure slaps you in public.

Image source: hotidit, Ian Stauffer

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