45 Halloween Decor Ideas That Will Elevate Your Homes Creep-Factor

Published 9 months ago

The spooky season is upon us when folks decorate their homes with jack-o-lanterns, bats and spider webs and let the dust gather to add to that lonely abandoned feel.

However, if you’re in need of some inspiration on how to creepify your house then scroll below for some simple and affordable ideas which folks online swear will make your home a boo-tiful haunting space. 

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#1 I Made A Ghost For My Roomba And I Can’t Stop Cracking Up Every Time It Enters The Room

Image source: kweenie_bo_beenie


#2 The Rest Of My Living Room

Image source: beachcover

Dittothe skeleton human with his skeleton dog/cat? is too cute!

#3 This Is My All-Time Favorite Halloween/Autumn Decoration. Would Love It If It Was A Jack-O’-Lantern But It Still Makes Me Smile Just As A Lovely Pumpkin

Image source: gabbzila

CoMa4I want it!! 🎃

#4 My Spooky Office Decor

Image source: joannes_home2

Ms.GBWorked him to death

#5 Here’s A Little Sneak Peek Of My Fall Creations

Image source: andrea_rib_

HuntressAw this is cute 👻 wiggly candles boo

#6 The Spooky Study Is Almost Complete

Image source: DasBlueEyedDevil

#7 I Finally Got My New Sheets And Comforter

Image source: illebreauxx2

#8 I Made Demon Fairies (Should I Add Red Eyes?) And Painted Crows On Burlap Last Night

Image source: beachcover

#9 The Halloween Decoration Next To My Cat, Shadow

Image source: Chaotic_breadstick

Yvonne Dauwalder BalsigerAh hooman, I see you finally raised an idol in my honor – could have been bigger, but I am feeling generous. For now.

#10 It’s Freaking Bats. My Living Room Lamp

Image source: BurntGhostyToasty

Amelia Midkiff: This is so cool. I’d leave it up year round.

#11 DIY Diffuser Cauldron

Image source: ourwintonhome

#12 Found Her

Image source: Chidwick

AuntriarchThat’s beautiful

#13 Made A Nightmare On Elm Street Diorama

Image source: No-Link9669

Ent Huggerone, two (tiny) freddy’s coming for you……

#14 Getting Ready For Halloween Plant Decor

Image source: Y0keeem, Y0keeem

Holly AllenIs that a skeleton doing yoga? Lol

#15 That’s A Charming-Looking Fellow, But He’s Looking A Little Stiff. Perhaps Some Drinks Would Loosen Him Up

Image source: MeowOfff


#16 My Halloween Corner

Image source: gymnnopedies

#17 Dressed Up For Halloween

Image source: lindzerbunni

#18 Decided To Make My Cat’s Their Own Haunted Cabin This Year. We used Target’s paint-a-cabin kit and reinforced it with foam core. The lights and decor are from Dollar Tree.

Image source: Nothankyou_Imgood

StrangePenguinTHIS IS SO CUTE

#19 Love The Vintage Look

Image source: Spooky_Jaci

CoMa4You can never go wrong with vintage Halloween decor!! 💀👻🎃🐈‍⬛🧛🏻

#20 Halloween Coffee Bar

Image source: rubyshomesweethome

#21 Had A Really Tough Year, So Fall Halloween Decorating Was Very Cathartic For Me. Here Is My House This Year

Image source: jastarner

AuntriarchThe piano player!

#22 Harry Potter Room For Halloween

Image source: FilthySpaniard

#23 My Daughter’s Halloween Town Display. Proud Momma

Image source: Bairatbha

#24 I Decorated My Truck For Halloween

Image source: Remarkable_Corgi4016

Jeffery B JonesSleeper berth in his semi truck. Spent 1/3 of ten years in one myself. Best bed ever!

#25 The Vibes Are Immaculate

Image source: brisnotcool

#26 Finally Finished Our Tiny Little Halloween Bathroom, And I’m So So Happy With The Results

Image source: A_Jar_of_Fake_Vomit

#27 Bookmark

Image source: Boojibs

#28 Happy Fall Y’all. It Is September 1st

Image source: spooky.ghoulll

Dittothat art is amazing

#29 This Year’s Halloween Project From An Idea I Found On The Internet

Image source: Panam727


#30 Y’all I Am Swooning. This Turned Out More Beautiful Than I Had Imagined

Image source: sweetcottagecharm

#31 A Few Of My Favorite Halloween Decorations. I Made The Ghosts And Floral Skull

Image source: Mom102020

#32 This Is Such An Easy And Fun Halloween Decor Idea

Image source: gatheredliving

Ms.GBI did that one year, with little battery lights inside

#33 Halloween Terrarium. Saw The Idea And Wanted To Try My Own

Image source: middlelevel

#34 Feeling Cozy On This Rainy Evening

Image source: physicalproxy

#35 Need Some Ideas Of What To Stuff In The Cauldron. Besides Children

Image source: Abraa-Cadaver

#36 My Mom Makes Little Fairy Gardens In The Pot Of Her Money Tree. Here Is Her Halloween Scene

Image source: SassyWeef

#37 My Birthday Is On Halloween And I Obviously Love Cats. The Decorating Has Begun

Image source: haberannacat

#38 I Couldn’t Find A Halloween Shower Curtain I Liked But I Found These Door Decorations At Joanns. I Love How It Turned Out

Image source: Sweetpicklebee

French panda says ur worth itMe, personally, I would not want this. I don’t like clear shower curtains. Not enough privacy. It’s really cute tho!

#39 Kitchen Nook Ready For Halloween

Image source: spiritualaroma

Two Fluffy Maine-coonsThat table looks like a very delicious pie!

#40 My Living Room This Year

Image source: beachcover

#41 Bath & Body Works New Haunted House Wallflower Plug

Image source: Aire87

#42 Homemade Halloween Horcrux

Image source: davynels

Amanda PThat’s not a horcrux. That’s the symbol for the deathly hallows.

#43 Mantle Decor. I just love the string of skulls from At Home and the candle sticks from HomeGoods. Such good stuff this year.

Image source: Adventurous-Report48

#44 I Love Decorating For Halloween

Image source: purplecookie1220

#45 Halloween Decorations In Apartment

Image source: juiceball9

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