30 Memes To Remind You That You’re Getting Old From The “Heck, I’m Old” Group

Published 1 year ago

Your bank statements show you mostly shop at the dispensary, your online shopping cart Wishlist consists of household appliances and you listen to the same songs from 10 years ago on repeat with no wish to change it. It’s time to face the truth, you’re getting old. 

If any of the above sounded familiar, the ‘[Heck], I’m Old’ online community shares the most relatable memes and pics to deal with our current reality. So get into your comfy chair, put up your feet and scroll through these funny memes that will make you feel like you’re not alone in the ageing struggle. 

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#1 I Know That Feeling…

Image source: RansomStoddardReddit

#2 I Can Remember The Point In Which These Were Removed From Playgrounds

Image source: NoApollonia

#3 This Made Me Laugh!

Image source: silverwlf23

#4 Meirl

Image source: hellolanemoore

#5 Mtv Launched 41 Years Ago. Thanks For 15 Years Of Music

Image source: A5HX

#6 This Is Upsetting News

Image source: holtpj

#7 Hope This Fits Here

Image source: stanthecaddy0

#8 This Tweet Woke Up Today And Chose Violence

Image source: EliMcCann

#9 I Think I’ve Done This A Few Times

Image source: itslaurentbtw

#10 Have You Turned Into That Grumpy Old Bastard You Swore You Wouldn’t Become? @ilovenostalgia

Image source: mark30322

#11 Elders??

Image source: denebiandevil

#12 Museum

Image source: mark30322

#13 Are You This Old???

Image source: Davidred323

#14 That Stings

Image source: Trixie6102

#15 We Remember Dial-Up

Image source: direwolf2368

#16 The Struggle Was Real

Image source: dracona

#17 My Teacher Wife Just Shared This Gem With Me

Image source: Jhuderis

#18 Brendan Fraser And Ke Huy Quan, What An Amazing Accomplishment. From Encino Man To Oscar Winners 30+ Years Later

Image source: Rick–Diculous

#19 Quality

Image source: AquaSherbet

#20 Ah Yes

Image source: Eurobeat_pilled

#21 All Released Within 44 Days Of Each Other In 1991

Image source: mark30322

#22 “Who’s That Old Guy With The T-1000?………..oh”

Image source: SgtDonkey

#23 When They Gave You The Worst Seat But You Thought It Was The Best Seat

Image source: reddit.com

#24 Mmmm … Hose

Image source: AquaSherbet

#25 I’m Barely 50… Why Is This So Accurate?!?!?!?

Image source: 5_Frog_Margin

#26 Too Old Af To Care But: Gen Z vs. Millennials vs. Gen X vs. Boomers

Image source: reddit.com

#27 Solitaire

Image source: NoEquipment5010

#28 Who Remembers The Original Search Engine?

Image source: damagedgoodz99824

#29 Most Of These Apply To Me

Image source: notlikelyevil

#30 This Is So True For Me! How About For Anyone Else?

Image source: damagedgoodz99824

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