High-heeled Crocs Are Now A Thing, And Internet Has Very Different Reactions To Them

Published 6 years ago

Ever since they first launched, Crocs have been widely critiqued for looking weird and “uncool”, yet the brand is still active and each of us knows at least one person who owns a pair. Maybe even you own a pair yourself? For a while now Crocs have been breaking the ‘uncool’ stereotype and have recently come up with another weird shoe.

You probably heard about the $850 Crocs x Balenciaga shoes, well this time the rubber clog brand released something more affordable yet equally weird – high heeled Crocs. As with most Crocs, people are already calling them weird and ugly but the surprising thing is, they are already sold out!

Check out the weird new shoes in the gallery below and who knows, maybe you’ll decide to get a pair too?


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Crocs have been critiqued ever since they first launched

Image credits: sophial92

People were calling them weird and ‘uncool’

Image credits: Tal Atlas

Crocs have been breaking the stereotype and have recently released a high heel model

Image credits: Crocs

And looks like it already sold out!

Image credits: Crocs

This new model was named the ‘Cyprus V Heel’

Image credits: Crocs

And costs $55 for a pair

Image credits: Crocs

In the past Crocs have made some weird shoes, like these $850 Balenciaga ones

Image credits: Balenciaga

Some people seem to love them

Image credits: sydmylovee

Image credits: SeneralGam123

Yet clearly not everyone

Image credits: bonheurchasse

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