30 Trends That People Voted As Highly Cringeworthy

Published 4 weeks ago

Over time, societal trends evolve, but one constant seems to be older generations criticizing the behaviour of younger people. Yet, some trends are universally frowned upon, transcending generational divides. 

Redditor Imaginary_Eye3804 ignited a thought-provoking conversation on the widely followed r/AskReddit forum. Participants shared their perspectives on current trends they find embarrassing and hope will disappear soon.

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#1 Gender reveals. Complete and utter b******t.

Image source: iamlesterq, Alex Hussein

#2 The whole concept of “influencers” on social media. Pics and videos of their spotless huge houses, adorable well-behaved kids, cute pets. As if they don’t wear Crocs and a messy bun to scoop dog poo off their perfectly manicured lawns.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to bunch my hair into a bun, put on my “dirty work” shoes, and scoop the dog s**t out of my mud pit of a back yard. I’m not going to make a video of it, but I guarantee it would be far more entertaining (and contain a lot more profanity) than any influencer video.

Image source: TheNatureOfTheGame

#3 Tween shopping hauls at Sephora for anti-aging skincare. Fad travel drinking cups (like Stanley) that cost more than a tank of gas.

Image source: ILikeYourHotdog, muriloaugusto31

#4 People who film others’ misfortunes in order to gain clout. There’s a dude on YT who films/posts every waking second of his Father with Alzheimer’s; really really personal s**t, embarrassing s**t, and it’s all for clout. Not to mention the elderly man is _incapable of consenting_ . Like, wtf. Cringe.
Also, those guys who film themselves buying lunch for their poorly paid, overworked migrant laborers and then act like saints because of it. It’s for clout, not because they are angelic people.

Chasing clout in general, is IMO gross and desperate. Just like, be a good person if you really want to do good. And don’t rush to film it, this gives away your true intentions.

Image source: MrMojoRisin2288

#5 TikTok disorder fakers. I have autism. I *cannot* understand these people and why they seem to WANT these disabilities/mental illnesses. It’s disgusting and I hate it.

Image source: No_Objective9634, Solen Feyissa

#6 Removing your buccal fat. Ladies & gentlemen, leave your cheeks alone. You need that fat if you don’t want to look like skeletor when you get old.

Image source: Azsunyx, Brandi Redd

#7 Influencers.

Image source: whimsicalme5, George Milton

#8 The whole homesteading trad wife thing thats super trendy is so weird.

“i am subservient to my husband, i hate feminism, i only wear cotton dresses, i dont have opinions that my husband doesnt share, i use beef fat as moisturizer, heres my $4000 stove that looks like its from colonial america, buy my online sourdough recipe course and learn how to be a traditional wife” and it always follows this guilt-shamy approach to women who dont want to or cant do the same.

its mostly cringey because women are acting like this is how they’ve been all their lives but its very obviously just following a trend. women who’ve actually lived like this arent posting about it all over the internet

i cook for my boyfriend, ill do his laundry, i want children, im a catholic, i bake bread, its not abnormal for women to want to follow this lifestyle of being traditional but the weird anti-feminism super privileged aesthetic thats following it is just so cringe. feminism is the reason that i have the choice to do or not do these things, feminism is the reason you can post about it on the internet.

you can be a “traditional” wife but dont degrade your entire sex in the process.

Image source: OwlEastSage

#9 The people who video themselves crying, in different angles. I just think that’s so gross. Why do you need to video yourself crying? And from 3 different angles. I just don’t understand it. Maybe I’m officially old and just think some things should be private.

Image source: jenna_leee, Thirdman

#10 Throughout history fad medical issues have been a thing. Some king of England had an a**l fistula and all the lords and ladies suddenly had one. Today’s modern version of this is the spectrum and neurodivergence. Don’t like how something feels yucky on your hands, on the spectrum! Do you get confused or distracted sometimes on the spectrum! Do you not always enjoy everyone’s company all the time? It’s neurodivergence for SURE!!! Now everybody can pretend to be special and self diagnose, or wise and tell everyone else what condition they have. Leaving the actual people with neurodivergence still ignored in a corner with out proper support because Billy has a fad case of the attentions.

Image source: Icy_Elf_of_frost

#11 Family bloggers. Constantly having your life recorded as a child can really f**k you up. Especially since a lot of the time the parents are just using their children for content.

Image source: Handymancs

#12 TikTok. Makes people think that they’re way funnier than they are.

Image source: wingfoot2388, Solen Feyissa

#13 People normalizing the word trauma and using it for stupid things. Someone seriously told me they were traumatized because their waiter brought them the wrong food. I get that trauma is *very* subjective, but come on now. And they were dead serious. They really thought that’s what trauma is.

Image source: BoringNameBoringLife, Andres Ayrton

#14 Posting everything about your life on social media.

Image source: Curious_Doof, Kerde Severin

#15 Lip fillers.

Image source: SituationFluffy307, Sam Moghadam Khamseh

#16 Filters. People don’t even look real or remotely like themselves anymore in their pictures or videos.

Image source: Symchuck, Jean-Daniel Francoeur

#17 Women who refer to themselves as Boss Lady but are just in a pyramid scheme.

Image source: Main_Boat4917, Wesley Tingey

#18 The over-use of meme speak like: “I was today years old when…”.

Image source: BeakFingernails

#19 The words “toxic” “gaslight” and “narcissist “ have turned into slang and it minimizes the seriousness of the actual words.

Image source: Glitter-bomber

#20 I’m bipolar, diagnosed and medicated. Whenever it comes up someone in earshot will say “me too! I’m so moody.” Like guy, do you climb the walls at 3 AM? Do you laugh one minute and cry the next? Do you stay in bed for weeks? Get out of here with that trendy b******t.

Image source: levieleven

#21 Now that I’m over 40… nearly everything.

Image source: Rukawork, Karolina Grabowska

#22 People acting like arrogant a******s for attention on the internet, and then playing the victim when the attention they get from acting like a******s is predictably negative.

Image source: Clintman, Inzmam Khan

#23 Like 75% of any concert audience is on their phones taking videos of the concert or doing some stupid a*s TikTok video of them singing along. Nobody actually enjoying what’s in front of them… they only care about repackaging 5% of that experience for someone else in 480p.

Image source: pokemurrs

#24 Being “Alpha”.

Image source: AsleepDay_

#25 Pranks that should get someone’s a*s kicked in because it isn’t funny.

Image source: Strong-Solution-7492, Jonathon Burton

#26 Naming your kid something “unique” which in turn ruins their life because you have baby brain so bad you forget your baby will grow up and be an adult.

Image source: JessicaLynne77, Pixabay

#27 Posting updates and photos about your children’s medical/personal issues. I cannot imagine trying to grow up with a parent like that.

Image source: skaggaroni, cottonbro studio

#28 People who film their workouts all the time. Like you need to bring your camera and tripod EVERY day to the gym, for EVERY WORKOUT? Jesus Christ leave a little narcissism for everyone else.

Image source: NearbyCamp9903, Andrea Piacquadio

#29 “Unalive” or “unaliving,” it’s admittedly a funny way of referring to death, but people are using it in incredibly serious contexts. It comes off as insensitive.

Image source: Bulky-Rush-1392

#30 Back in the day, if you were being a little s**t inside a grocery store, the manager would chase you out with a broomstick, swearing and cursing at you waving their fist in the air as you escaped down the street.

Nowadays, kids in stores are being little shits and filming it, and when the manager arrives they simply turn the camera, and its up to the manager to handle the situation in an incredibly calm and civil manner. No contact is allowed, and so the kids usually don’t budge and keep pushing for a reaction. It’s gotten to the point now that if there’s a highschool near your grocery store be prepared to ignore a bunch of tiktok dancers and pranksters as you shop because confrontation plays directly into their game anyway.

Image source: Bulky-Rush-1392






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