25 Useful Hacks For Everyday Life You Might Want To Try

Published 5 months ago

Life is complex, and sometimes the simplest solutions can make a world of difference. Recently, a question surfaced on Reddit that sparked a cascade of ingenious revelations: “Which uncomplicated yet highly efficient life hack surprises you that it isn’t more widely known?”

As the responses poured in, a treasure trove of practical wisdom and clever shortcuts emerged, leaving many wondering why these brilliant life hacks haven’t received the attention they deserve. Let’s delve into the world of user-shared secrets that promise to simplify and enhance various aspects of our lives.

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Image source: Acenterforants333, Karolina Grabowska

Crumpling your parchment paper into a ball then smoothing it out before using it to line a pan makes it easier to fit it into your pan nicely.


Image source: baccus83, Michael Burrows

You can bypass a lot of paywalls on mobile websites by simply switching to reader mode before the page finishes loading.


Image source: Howiebledsoe, rc.xyz NFT gallery

Different colored nail polish on various keys that look the same. Saves SO much time.


Image source: Livid-Ability1653, Element5 Digital

Using an hairdryer to remove stubborn stickers and labels


You don’t have to get married. You don’t have to have kids. It’s a choice, and it’s your choice.

Too many people get pressured to conform and do what others do without questioning the rationale.



Image source: LordyIHopeThereIsPie, MART PRODUCTION

You don’t have to answer the door just because someone rings the bell.


Image source: Confuscious-He-Say, Anna Shvets

Old toothbrushes are the best tools for cleaning small and difficult to access areas


Image source: ZacPensol, Christopher Burns

When navigating a crowded place with people going every which way, focus your gaze upon the spot you’re walking towards.

We look at each other’s eyes when trying to avoid bumping into each other and maintaining your gaze on the spot you’re headed allows people to subconsciously see how to avoid you and will adjust their path accordingly. You won’t have any more of those awkward encounters where you’re looking at another person and you both keep trying to turn the same direction.

I read this trick on here years ago and use it all the time in stores, the mall, etc, and it really does work. Maybe it’s because I look like a psychopath and people are trying to avoid me altogether, but either way it works.


The adage: “do what you must before you do what you may”.

As someone with serious ADHD, just saying this phrase before I or as I get distracted has saved me hours of lost productivity.

I apply it to everything. Getting on my phone at work? Not before I send that email. Finished dinner and want to go veg? Not before I clean everything up.

I repeat it to myself constantly throughout the day to keep me focused and taking care of the little things that otherwise would build up.

Image source: kerkyjerky


Image source: DiamondPup, RDNE Stock project

Learning to cook. Started way too late in life. You’re paying a fraction of the cost to make something specifically tailored to your taste. And the process is fun, creative, and experimental in the way that the best hobbies are. I stopped drinking and learned to cook during the pandemic. I can not express the difference its made to my finances and health. I suddenly have so much more money for fun stuff, and never worry about a belly sticking out anymore. Start young and learn to love doing it. Your life will improve *dramatically*.


Image source: turbo332, RDNE Stock project

If you use a computer for a majority of your work, get a second used monitor off Craigslist or a local sales site. Complete game changer having a work monitor and a reference one. It’s never cost me more than $20, and most video cards have multiple outlets.


Image source: raindorpsonroses, Antoni Shkraba

If you exchange holiday or birthday gifts with your loved ones, keep a list on your phone throughout the year of ideas of what to give and when the time comes to buy gifts you’ll have almost everything prepared.


Image source: NefariousnessTrick63, J D

Make a copy of your passport, visa and any other important documents and email them to yourself. If something happens to the originals, you have enough information to apply for replacements.


The origin of the word “prestige” is “illusion.” Don’t waste excess time, energy, or money trying to impress other people. Focus on developing genuine strengths instead.

Image source: anon


Image source: FKAFigs, cottonbro studio

If you’re ever learning something, whether at a work meeting or class or from a YouTube video, have a notebook where you take 30-60 seconds to jot down a summary, in your own words, RIGHT when you finish. Not detailed notes (which you can take while the class/meeting is going if you need to), but the equivalent of a TV Guide blurb summarizing what you learned.

Not only will rewording/summarizing help you retain whatever you learned, but over the years you’ll have your own personal book of knowledge to reference as a jumping off point for learning more.


Image source: CupBeEmpty, Liliana Drew

Clean as you go when cooking.

Wipe down surfaces, clean a dish or pot or pan when something needs to simmer for a bit, wipe down your knives after use and dry them with a towel and put them back in the knife block.

I learned it from sister’s husband who is a chef.

It makes cooking so much more pleasant.

Also mise en place. Prep all your ingredients before hand and have them ready. Again, it makes cooking more fun and less arduous and the dishes turn out better.


You don’t have to answer your phone if you don’t want to. Neither calls nor messages. It can wait. Playing with your kid, taking that bath, finishing the chapter or whatever it is you don’t want to interrupt is way more important. If it’s a life-and-death matter they’ll call again. And again. And again, trust me, you won’t miss it. I have a rule with my family in fact, when I don’t answer the phone, but it’s really REALLY important, they should call immediately a second time, then I’ll know and answer. BTW, your phone has a silent mode too.

Image source: LivingEntropy


If you can’t get yourself to do something, get yourself to do just five minutes of the thing. Nine times out of 10, you will finish the thing immediately. Doing it is a hard, it’s just starting that’s hard.

Image source: emmascarlett899


Image source: colnago82, Andrey Matveev

1. Be kind
2. Sharpen your kitchen knives.


If you have adhd, create a folder on your phone called Safe Places. When you put an item in a “Safe Place” so you wont lose it or so you can remember where it is for later, take a picture of it in its safe place and put it in that folder. Good luck remembering to do any of this.

Image source: Got2Go


Image source: Extension_Resource71, Antoni Shkraba

When you take apart a piece of furniture, put the screws and hardware in a sandwich bag. Then write the name of the furniture and use of the screws on a notecard, and put that in the bag.

This keeps screws from a single item in one place, easily visible, and easily referenced for future use (instead of sitting in a large pile of similar, nondescript hardware).


Image source: Pandelerium11, Marco Verch

Ice cube trays are good for more than water. I freeze cubes of tomato paste, coconut and goat milk, and pumpkin puree for the cat. Working on cilantro “pesto” cubes now. It’s so handy!


Image source: doob7602, RF._.studio

Wear sunscreen

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.


Image source: Jccckkk, Eleanore Stohner

The public library lets you stream movies and music for free. You just need a library card, which is free too.


Image source: mainstreetmark, Andrew M

Put your keys on top of the thing you need to remember to bring with you in the morning.

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