25 Times People Shared Their Candid And Hilarious Childhood Stories

Published 5 months ago

In the ever-evolving landscape of online communities, The X, formerly known as Twitter, has proven to be a breeding ground for creativity, connection, and shared experiences.

Recently, a massive wave of nostalgia swept through The X, as users from all corners of the internet flocked to a viral thread created by user Laura, whose handle is @itzwahalalaura. This thread became a melting pot of laughter and sentimentality as members of The X community shared their funniest childhood stories, creating a heartwarming digital tapestry of shared experiences.

Image credits: itzwahalalaura

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Image source: arrtnem

Debbie: “I bet she did it on purpose to scare you into never hiding there again”


Image source: imCement

Fortescue_: “Why weren’t the relatives legal?”


Image source: GwiTHaG974

Charles McChristy: “Ew”

TheGoodBoi: “Please tell me you had sunglasses on too”


Image source: UdonNoodlz

SweetCheesySpaghetti: “My cousin had an imaginary friend named Horny when she was like 3-5 years old. When she started school she told everyone he got run over by the school bus, thus ending the reign of horny.”


Image source: rn1obab

Nina: “Oh my word.. Reminds me of the time I wanted to be helpful and free up space on our family pc. Removed a lot of system32 folders because we didn’t use those things anyway 🙈”

Susan Teter: “Lemme guess…they were not happy.”


Image source: Laura8759

Fortescue_: “Didn’t it smell?”

JB: “Not sure I believe this. Septic tanks REEK! Surely, the parents would have said something when OP et al arrived back home stinking of raw sewage?”


Image source: DontBotherKeiti

DennyS (denzoren): ” How…thoughtful of you. Lol”


Image source: mbforeveralways

Tempest: ” Reminds me of this one time I was a flower girl at a relative’s wedding and one of the other flower girls went missing during the reception. It was at a massive hotel so finding her was near impossible. Smart little me thought it will be cool to “go missing” myself and, during the commotion, went and hid in a closet in a randomly open room. I got my ears blasted off that day by the adults who had to succeed in finding the other flower girl only to start all over again to look for me.”

Papa: “The police didn’t get called, but I’m told that when I was a baby my mother laid me right in the middle of a bed, and then went into another room for a brief time. When she came back she couldn’t find me for a while, but she finally looked under the bed, and there I was. Apparently I had rolled off the bed and then under it without making a sound.”


Image source: Reese_eeee

Nina : “Ooh noo 🙈🤣”


Image source: faytrain

glowworm2 : “Well at least she knew who did it!”


Image source: gametime__jay

Anonymous Anomaly: “Happiest mugshot since Pablo Escobar”


Image source: nayeli_garza1

BrownTabby: ” I still appreciate that my wisdom tooth surgery was scheduled for 2:30.”


Image source: isadorenoir

Mark: “Effective strategy if there are people around”


Image source: MizzPatFussy

DC: ” … oh well … let’s bring the children on stage, they’ll look innocent and cute!”


Image source: lavidatina

Fortescue_: “Sorry, but what’s an elliptical?”


Image source: Fr3akyyD

Moosy Girl: “Mean mom.”


Image source: Th0tleyCrue


Image source: brownbella18


Image source: gladsome1saidit


Image source: Lineachovi


Image source: clubcillian


Image source: allaalalalalala

DennyS (denzoren): “Oh my goodness lol”


Image source: JENNontheRocks_

Natalie H: “My sister and I made our own ‘ice skating rink’ on the kitchen floor with water and dish soap when our parents weren’t home. We cleaned it up afterwards so we wouldn’t get in trouble. My sweet mom thought we were being thoughtful and had mopped the floor, so she thanked us and made us a treat. After that we started mopping the floor for real, out of guilt. Lol”


Image source: sumptesh

Robert T: ” I doubt the actual David was touring. He is 5.17 metres tall and weighs 8.5 tons and would be far too valuable to risk moving. It was likely a replica, of which quite a number have been made.”


Image source: BeingImRo45

Androgyny Lunacy : “Lmfao no wait, this one has me laughing to the point of crying actual tears. 🤣”

Gen X Feral: ” 😭😭😭 Omg that is the most preciousfull I’ve ever seen! I’d cry myself off my deathbed and walk right out the hospital if my grandbabies did this.”

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