25 Cringey Moments That Made People Facepalm

Published 5 months ago

Have you ever heard the saying that once something is on the internet, it remains there forever? It’s true for all the things you willingly or accidentally put out there, whether it’s a cute photo of your pet or an embarrassing post you wish you never shared. And it’s not just your own mistakes that can haunt you online – there are entire websites dedicated to collecting and sharing cringe-worthy moments from all over the internet. One such place is the subreddit ‘Hilarious Cringe‘, where people come together to laugh and cringe at the same time. So, be careful what you put online because it might stick around longer than you want!

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#1 Um

Image source: Gainsborough-Smythe, x.com

Panda Boi: To advertise that he is a carpenter, a person who makes crosses for people to be crucifide upon.

#2 The Typo Of The Century

Image source: Wurst_Case

Stevie S : For one of them this may be true

#3 I Had To Yelp This Prison

Image source: bmorebirdz

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: My prison review would not be so positive.

#4 Oh S**t

Image source: MrWonanother

#5 Don’t Think I Want To Know What’s Going Through This Dude’s Mind

Image source: HIGHrolling98

Russell Tilling: Am I Sigourney Weaver’s brother?

#6 1st Submission

Image source: Morparscape

#7 Poorly Placed Advertising

Image source: leg18

The Idaho Potato: So the limit is 20.

#8 Always Give It Your All

Image source: chooksmaster, x.com

Roxy222uk: We have no idea of the story behind this. For all we know the kid wanted to be thrown by the guy idolised.

#9 The Spelling Mistake In This Textbook On Writing Specifically Warning Of Spelling Mistakes

Image source: TravellingSaffa

Stevie S: He cid’nt use his spellchecker

#10 Gentleman

Image source: Longjumping-Ad9665

Lyone Fein: Dirty old men……All old enough to be her grandfather.

#11 Did You Not Read The Post?

Image source: mayhem_masterpiece, worseturns.tumblr.com

A Wild Bean (they/them/any): Jokes aside that’s actually very helpful, I was actually just wondering if I should use “farther” or “further” in the story I’m writing

#12 Just A Normal Guy

Image source: reddit.com

#13 Can’t Stop Laughing!

Image source: HIGHrolling98

Roxy222uk: To be fair, those aren’t bad legs

#14 Damn

Image source: bolosdq

SCamp: That’s the dude that didn’t bathe for like 80 years, true story

#15 Y Spit Tho

Image source: 0nceinalifetime

#16 A Big Truck

Image source: reddit.com

RosenCranzLives: Actually, honesty isn’t always the best policy, but sometimes, it’s not the worst.

#17 Sweet Job On The Photoshop

Image source: HIGHrolling98

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): Sure that wasn’t deliberate?

#18 Honest Mistake

Image source: Inamoratos

Diana Burnwood: Are we not gonna talk a bit that dog profile picture

#19 Ground Coffee

Image source: mayhem_masterpiece, x.com

Maggz Bennett: Brings a whole new meaning to “this coffee tastes like mud”

#20 I Was Looking At An Airbnb Listing

Image source: Colliersinternation

Anonymouse: “Little husband”?!?

#21 Where Can I Cancel My Subscription

Image source: TheSphix, x.com

SCP 4666: No no, he’s got a point

#22 Will She Ever Find Love?

Image source: dirtymick87

A Wild Bean (they/them/any):  Lmaoo someone please show him this screenshot

#23 Meanwhile In India

Image source: LoneWolfShaz

#24 Arr!

Image source: alibyte

The Original Bruno: Now I feel bad. Many years ago, there was a kid with an eyepatch selling cookies in the mall. He said, “What kind of cookie can I get you?” I said, “Argh, Chips Ahoy, matey!” He seemed not to get it, either.

#25 A Funny Street Name For You All

Image source: Important-Carry-816

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het: Around the corner from Bell End.

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