35 Memes Cat Lovers Wish They Could Tag Their Fluffy Feline Friends In

Published 1 month ago

Cats have long been the internet’s favorite pets, and it’s no surprise that they are the stars of countless memes. Their quirky behaviors, aloof yet affectionate nature, and endless curiosity make them perfect subjects for humor. The Facebook page “Memes I Wish I Could Tag My Cat In” has become a haven for cat lovers looking to share a laugh and relate to the antics of their own pets.

Here, we’ve compiled some of the best memes from this page that perfectly capture the essence of our feline friends. From their dramatic reactions to food to their expert-level napping skills, these memes highlight why cats will always be the kings and queens of internet humor.

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#1 Horror

Image source: Salman Sahi

#2 Dance, Kitty, Dance!

Image source: Becky Coleman Kyzer

#3 My Precious Little Healer

Image source: Minni Sha

#4 The Cat’s Expression!

Image source: Digi Scott

#5 That’s An Ewok

Image source: Heather Grabow

#6 Mine Loves My Laundry Basket

Image source: Consciously Mini

#7 My Cat Likes Soda Bottles. She Thinks The Hiss Is Scary Tho

Image source: Theresa Sweeney

#8 Soooo Adorable

Image source: Courtney Couplin

#9 How Could It Not?

Image source: Darren Ho

#10 Ohhhh The Left One Has Heart Shaped Nose!!!??

Image source: Landon Sullivan

#11 I Call The Flies That Die On My Floor Nigel. He Should Be Very Happy

Image source: Minni Sha

#12 I’m Sure He Has Very Good Reasons!

Image source: Samantha Beck

#13 I Would’ve Done The Same ?

Image source: Samantha Rushton

#14 Better Yet, Bring Them Somewhere Safe

Image source: Nåhøm Múlûgétä

#15 Well She Does Wear A Tuxedo Every Day

Image source: cyb3rk1tty2003

#16 Looks More Like The Cat Vom Dash To Me Lol

Image source: Cheryl Antaya

#17 I Have A Beautiful Demon And Terrifying Idiot

Image source: Michelle Klimpsch

#18 Why Is The Black One So Handsome Though. He Thinks He’s A Pop Star ?

Image source: Heather Hurt

#19 Cat’s Gotta Cat

Image source: Lawrence Saggese

#20 Confirmed

Image source: Hope Aguilera

#21 Nooo Don’t Do This To Your Car It’ll Grow Up To Be A Functioning And Well Rounder Member Of Society

Image source: Susan Shineon

#22 *oc* So Real

Image source: Emily Musser

#23 My Cat At 3 Am Purring On My Pillow

Image source: Minni Sha

#24 *purr In Water*

Image source: Quad Tap In

#25 Always. If They Only Let Me Catch Them

Image source: Jessica Kallhoff

#26 Funny-Memes-I-Could-Tag-My-Cat-In

Image source: Angelica Soria

#27 I Like The Little Slippers

Image source: Quad Tap In

#28 This Is Hilarious ? And Awesome

Image source: Dominic Mungillo

#29 Be Careful With Flowers And Plants Some Can Poison Cats

Image source: Rande Smitt

#30 Puurrrrfect Relationship ❤

Image source: Chia-Chia Ho

#31 I Think My Mom Had One Like This For Our Dog When I Was Growing Up!

Image source: Consciously Mini

#32 Meownager

Image source: Alexa Oh

#33 I Didn’t Tell My Cats About The Time Change And They Haven’t Figured It Out. It’s Bought Me An Hour!

Image source: Quad Tap In

#34 Scrolled Past, Then Burst Out Laughing As My Brain Caught Up

Image source: Minni Sha

#35 I Have The Pawah!

Image source: Lawrence Saggese

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