20 Photos From The Past That Are Quite Horrifying

Published 2 years ago

History is full of amazing events and stories that are interesting, inspiring, and fun. However, there are lots of disturbing and horrifying things too that happened throughout the past.

There is a subreddit that shares creepy and weird pics of people from the past, and some of their pics might send a shiver down your spine. Check out some of their most horrifying posts in the gallery below.

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#1 My Wife Grew Up Staring At This Picture. No One Can Remember If There Was A Person Behind The Kids, Or A Trick Of The Light

Image source: Kombucha_drunk

#2 On The Feast Of St. Nicholas In The Town Of Bad Mitterndorf, Austria. St Nicholas Parades Through The Village On A White Horse Followed By The Krampus, Who Warn The Kids To Be Good, Or Else

Image source: JankCranky

#3 Jacob Miller (1829-1917), Shot In The Head At Chickamauga In 1863 And Walked It Off

Image source: Star_Ship_55

#4 A Suffragette Is Force-Fed In Hm Prison Holloway In The UK During Hunger Strikes For Women’s Suffrage, Circa 1911

Image source: Scaulbylausis

#5 Found This Old Photo Inside The Wall In The Attic

Image source: Kosmosaik

#6 Penny Auction At Foreclosed Michigan Farm (1936). At Penny Auctions Farmers Would Conspire To Offer Low Bids, Resulting In A Low Return To The Creditor. The Final Buyer Would Then Return The Property To The Destitute Farmer Hangman Nooses Served As A Warning To Squirrely Bidders

Image source: carmensax

#7 A Baby Found During The Clean Up Of The Chernobyl Accident Is Pushed In A Carriage By A Liquidator, 1986

Image source: keeperofthecan

#8 This Isn’t How It Looked In My Memory-1980s

Image source: LoneShark81

#9 Colorized Photo Of Rasputin With Tsarina Alexandra Fyodorovna, Her Children And Their Nurse, 1908

Image source: Star_Ship_55

#10 Old Halloween Photo

Image source: gghostwiththemost

#11 A Trio Of Contortionists, London 1894

Image source: Star_Ship_55

#12 Department Store Mannequins Wearing Disney Character Costumes, 1937

Image source: cosmicmoods

#13 “Peregrinación” By Graciela Iturbide. Chalma, 1984

Image source: Star_Ship_55

#14 Santa Got Ahold Of The Good Snow This Year

Image source: PleasantChaos0_0

#15 Patient Brutally Restrained In A Mental Institution, France Circa 1900

Image source: Runoco

#16 She Waits For The Second Coming

Image source: PleasantChaos0_0

#17 The Mask Worn By Edward Paisnel, The Notorious ‘Beast Of Jersey’ When Attacking His Victims, C 1957

Image source: MissNightTerrors

#18 Bizarre Old School Disney Cosumes

Image source: WhoAmIToday451

#19 Still From British Movie “First Men On The Moon” From 1919. Now A Lost Film

Image source: Feiruzz

#20 Violet “Queen Of Sinking Ships” Jessop Who Was On The Olympic When It Crashed, Titanic When It Hit An Iceberg, And The Britannic When A Mine Sank It, All Within The Span Of 5 Years. Coincidence?

Image source: chomskyhonk69

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