40 Weirdest Discoveries People Stumbled Upon In The Woods

Published 5 years ago

There are so many things you can see when exploring forests, like trees, wild animals, dinosaur shaped rocks, giant piles of ceramic dishes. And if you think the last two sound a little bit out of place, you better believe that the people who found them were just as surprised as you.

Turns out there’s so much more to find in the woods than just trees and bugs – just ask the people who found all sorts of odd stuff while exploring nature. From abandoned houses to dead robots, check out the weirdest stuff people found in the woods in the gallery below!

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#1 I Found This In My Local Woods

Image source: hooizzhee

This is a memorial for loyal companions that crossed the Rainbow Bridge. So many good boys and girls. So much unconditional love.

#2 I Was Out For A Walk In The Woods Today And Almost Stepped On This Beauty

Image source: neverbird

#3 Me And My Girlfriend Were Walking In The Woods The Other Week And Saw A Rainbow Pool For The First Time

Image source: brentenross

#4 Buddy Of Mine Came Across This Dinosaur In The Woods The Other Day

Image source: tkvp

#5 Found This In The Woods Today

Image source: Horrorshow13

#6 Abandoned Russian House Found In The Woods

Image source: 13×37

#7 Standing In A Huge Pond That Sinks Every Dry Season

Image source: bradyboh

#8 Found This In The Woods While Trail Riding

Image source: Ed_Tivrusky_IV

#9 This Tree I Found Hiking Looks Like A Forest Monster Watching Over You

Image source: Glit-toris

#10 Found Old Dog Tags In A Metal Pile In Our Woods. Reunited Them With His Wife, Who Lost Her Husband Of 60 Years In 2010

Image source: nicoleeoliee

#11 I Went For A Walk In The Forest And Came Upon This Ponderosa Pine Tree That Had Been Struck By Lightning

Image source: EliasButlerPhotos

#12 Stairs To Nowhere In New Hampshire

Image source: ethan_kahn

#13 Found This Sword In Epping Forest, England

Image source: CodeNameScythey

#14 Found This Mushroom While Hiking In The Woods, There’s Gotta Be A Rabbit Hole Nearby

Image source: BoarderGod

#15 This Moss Covered Boot Found In The Woods

Image source: Neolism

#16 This Stick I Found Looks Like A Burning Torch, Flame Included!

Image source: hoikarnage

#17 *shhh* It’s A Flock Of Wild Toilets Roosting

Image source: MyDougs

#18 I Found A Memorial For A Fallen Tree While Hiking

Image source: cerberus698

#19 I Was Driving Through The Back Roads Of Pennsylvania On The Way To A Camping Spot And Found A Mountain Of Ceramic Dishes And Tea Cups In The Middle Of The Woods

Image source: Awesome_Clips

#20 Moved To Wisconsin. Found This In The Woods

Image source: jaysokk

#21 Found This Purple Lil Guy Hiking In PA

Image source: Mr_Jack_Frost_

#22 Abandoned Train Tunnel We Found In The Woods

Image source: dlwrr

#23 What My Parents Found On Their Hike

Image source: WantedOnAVoyage

#24 Sign I Found In The Woods That Depicts A Man Jumping Over Some Scary Looking Hands

Image source: quadriplegicswimteam

#25 This Log Accessorized With Pennies I Found While Hiking

Image source: TexasJoey

#26 Found This Bottle With Moss While Walking In The Woods

Image source: Ancylid

#27 So I Was Walking In A Forrest Near My City And Found This

Image source: RobinPeterson

#28 I Was Out Fossil Hunting In A Wash After A Thunderstorm. I Figured It Had To Uncover A Bit Of Stuff Down In The Streambed. I Found This

Image source: sanka

#29 Came Across An Overgrown Cemetery In The Woods

Image source: domestica

#30 Found This Fireplace In The Woods While Adventuring

Image source: Law1999

#31 Hiking Through The Woods On A Hot Day, Came Across This Oasis

Image source: StickySticks

#32 My Brother Found This (Missile?) In The Woods In Tennessee

Image source: mylittletoesie

#33 Found This Phone Booth In The Middle Of The Woods

Image source: DavidGreenComic

#34 I Found A Dead Robot In The Woods Behind My House

Image source: BrokenInternets

#35 Found An Old Helicopter In The Woods

Image source: TheNewHitler1945

#36 Found 43 Bucks In A Pair Of Jeans In The Woods

Image source: rolopumps

#37 Found This Bicycle In The Woods. Someone Had Big Plans?

Image source: umiz

#38 My Dog Found A Large Pile Of Carrots In The Woods

Image source: cavkie

#39 I Found An Old Crematorium In The Woods Of An Uninhabited Island

Image source: jonny_five

#40 Friend Found This While Hiking The Connecticut Wilderness

Image source: dubmystep

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