40 Hotel And Airbnb Fails That Left Guests Disappointed

Published 2 months ago

Just like in any aspect of life, the quality of your experience with hotels and Airbnb accommodations often aligns with what you pay for. However, every now and then, travellers stumble upon lodging that surpasses expectations in the most unexpected and unsavoury ways. 

In this collection, we’ve compiled some of the most cringe-worthy hotel and Airbnb experiences shared by netizens who couldn’t resist airing their grievances online. So, settle in for a scroll of this virtual journey through the highs and lows of travel accommodation mishaps and fails!

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#1 That Went From Horrifying To Unexpected Perk Rather Quickly

Image source: decentbirthday

#2 While My Family With Young Kids Were Staying At This Airbnb, An Old Man Walked Into The Backyard And Started Draining The Pool

Image source: Particular-Bike-9275

The pool was included in our stay. We also rented the whole house which in my mind should include privacy and no interruptions from the homeowner.

#3 I Stayed At Made Hotel In NYC, And This Was My View From The Bed

Image source: souphead1

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: A lot of hotels provide a water view.

#4 My Hotel Window On The 8th Floor Has A Window That Opens From The Bottom And Opens Up Far Enough To Fall Through The Frame

Image source: GrimPieter

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: Watch that first step. It’s a doozy.

#5 I Tried To Open The AC Vent At The Airbnb I’m Staying At On Vacation And Found This

Image source: getindoe69

#6 The Staircase At My Hotel Room Just Drops Off

Image source: Opposite_Strategy_43

Jrog: The name of the hotel is literally “Hotel Scalinata”, meaning “Hotel Stairway” (it’s located in Rome, close to the Spanish Steps)

#7 Why Hotels Do This

Image source: SatansBirthdayParty

#8 $160 A Night In This Disgusting Hotel Room In Midwest USA

Image source: Jgusdaddy

I agree with you but…:  $160/night is expensive for even a Holiday inn or other chain motels in the Midwest, never mind this dump

#9 My Hotel View. It’s Actually Nice To Have Quiet Neighbors

Image source: yeasayerstr

Caffeinated Hedgehog : It’s usually quiet until “Thriller” starts playing

#10 AC Wasn’t Cooling Effectively In My New Hostel Room. Maintenance People Didn’t Respond, So I Decided To Take A Look Myself. This Is The Filter

Image source: thebossdaryl

#11 I Was Staying At A Hotel In Canada. They Were Doing Construction And Didn’t Bother To Put Any Signs, So This Morning, I Fell Down 3 Feet

Image source: 631flatz

Display Name: I smell a lawsuit

#12 Welcome To The Underground

Image source: sharpie_knife

Bart: This looks like a cold bath to use after a sauna…

#13 The “City View” From My Hotel Room In Istanbul

Image source: packthesuitcase

Marno C.: Well, the flowers on the railing are pretty?

#14 The Airbnb Has A Window From The Shower To The Living Room

Image source: gorilagato

WindySwede: “Here’s Johnny!”

#15 The Charcuterie Board At My Hotel

Image source: katiebean781

Frankie: Can’t believe you got to meet lady gaga

#16 Got An Airbnb Just For The Tub

Image source: LOTR_crew

#17 You Won’t Be Getting Any Sleep There. Even With The Blinds Closed, You’ll Know It’s Watching

Image source: aperiplatypus

#18 They Said That Hotel Includes A “Private Balcony”. It’s Just A View Of The Wall Of The Next Building

Image source: Jagokoz

TheElderNom: It is very private.

#19 I Found This Camera In My Vacation Rental

Image source: 400cc

Mavis: It’s the cameras you don’t find that are the real problem.

#20 This Has Made Me Laugh

Image source: sophie_gadd

Kylie: Looks like a motel, not a hotel.

#21 At The Hotel I’m Staying At. Definitely Not Suspicious

Image source: pizza_4_breakfast

Frankie: Clearly someone did that as a joke xD

#22 TV In My Hotel Room

Image source: dyoerdt

LooseSeal’s $10 Banana: Michael Scott?

#23 Sprinklers In My Hotel Room. “Remove after installation” written on the cap.

Image source: itjustsohappened

#24 I Found This Gem At A Hotel In Wisconsin

Image source: drkstrracingjr

Liz Reid: Getting “Being John Malkovich ” vibes

#25 I Found A Pair Of Handcuffs Attached To A Leg Of The Bed In My Airbnb In Tijuana

Image source: pchandler45

TomCat: You had me at ‘airbnb in Tijuana ‘.

#26 The Running Hot Water At My $550/Night Hotel Room In Paris

Image source: JonBoy82

Nadine Debard (edited): Paris has old plumbing, so if there was an intervention on the street it’s very likely to have ground/rust during the first 5-10 minutes. Edit : yes, plumbery, like I definitely needed coffee and glasses this morning :)

#27 Salad In The Italian Restaurant In Egypt Hotel

Image source: mayhem-makers

Michael: If you go to an Italian restaurant in Egypt, you only have yourself to blame…

#28 View From The Hotel Room. They Claimed We Would Get City Views

Image source: taipeicity

kathoco: They weren’t lying per se…

#29 First Day Of Vacation And Our Half Of The Hotel Doesn’t Have Power. Guess Who Might Be Going Home Early

Image source: Destined2Pixels

#30 The Sheets At My Airbnb. Homeowner Wouldn’t Answer The Phone Because It Was The Sabbath, And He Couldn’t Work

Image source: reddit.com

John Mosley: I’d hate to see that under a black light. Blech!

#31 My Hotel Made The Walls Of The Bathroom Fully Transparent

Image source: reddit.com

Verena: It is supposed to make the room bigger and bring more natural light to the bathroom. But I still don’t get the “Why”, even after having stayed in such a room.

#32 Notice To Airbnb Guests

Image source: peachydonut69

Dianellian: Avoid Airbnb like the plague.

#33 TV In My Hotel

Image source: TonkWape

#34 My Airbnb Host Said: “The Lock Box Is Near The White Door. It Is Silver With Black Plastic”

Image source: Arwell27

#35 I Stayed At A Hotel With Giant Fleas On The Wallpaper

Image source: cricklecoux

ILoveMySon: Fleabag motel.

#36 My Airbnb Assured Me They Have A “Very Safe” Baby Gate

Image source: rakufman

#37 I Saw The Full Mirror In My Hotel Room Randomly Shake And Discovered This Space In The Wall Behind It. Apparently, the hotel tried covering up damage done by a previous guest.

Image source: Schlower288

#38 The Hotel Advertised Having A Balcony. This Is The Balcony

Image source: pupdates

Marno C.: Roomy!

#39 Hotel Manager Decided To Come Into My Room While I Was Still In There To Paint The Door That Didn’t Even Need Painting, In My Opinion

Image source: dudsa15

sbj: Creepy Guy

#40 Someone Urinated (I Think) In My Hotel Room’s Bed

Image source: Altruistic_Angle4343

I’ve been sitting on top of the duvet for the past 3 hours. I showered, then pulled the covers back to find this… Smells funky.

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