How Art Can Save Lives: Photos By Shannon Johnstone

Published 7 years ago

Who doesn’t love dogs, right? They are so joyful and playful, they give their hearts to the people who buy them completely without looking back. But unfortunately, people are not so devoted to their pets and too often betray the trust of their dogs.

Shannon Johnstone is a photographer who lives and works in Wake County, North Carolina. She know about the unfairness towards dogs and decided to act. She went to the shelter with a camera and decided to give the second life to the dogs with the help of pet photography. She felt that far too many dogs are euthanized unfairly and far too many people buy dogs in stores instead of saving lives of shelter dogs.

So she took and continues taking dogs from the shelter for a walk and takes pictures of each of them. Then she created a website where you can see how the pets look behind the bars and who they really are when freed from the cages. Presently Shannon took pictures of 156 dogs and owing to her efforts 135 of them have found their homes instead of dying.

Here you can see only a shortcut of the pictures taken by Shannon Johnstone. If you truly care about pets and dogs in particular, share this story to let the dogs live a long and happy life in new families!

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