How to clean and maintain Quartz Kitchen Worktops?

Published 8 years ago

Quartz kitchen worktops are sturdy and require little maintenance to last years. However, there are some pointers that need to be kept in mind.

Quartz kitchen worktops are beautiful to look at and they are exceedingly sturdy and long-lasting as well. They enhance the appearance of your kitchen and add to its style value. However, the one thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that kitchen worktops need to be maintained properly for them to keep being efficient.

Kitchen worktops accommodate the crockery, appliances, cutting and chopping boards and also other material that is used for the preparation of food. Therefore, they are prone to wear-and-tear due to continuous use and need to be looked after properly. If you are planning to look at quartz kitchen worktops for your home or already have one installed, then following are the ways in which you can clean and maintain them.

Clean regularly

It is advisable to clean your quartz kitchen worktop on a daily basis if it is being used on a daily basis. One can simply clean it by using a mild and non-abrasive detergent. Use a soft sponge to clean the surface to do away with any stains or spillage.

Remove stains immediately

In case you do end up spilling oil, grease, coffee or any other cooking ingredient that can lead to stain, do remember to clean it immediately. Do not let the stain stay. If the stain is old, you can remove it by scraping it away with a blunt knife. The rest of the stain can be removed by letting it soak in a cleaning agent for some time. Remove the stain using a soft sponge.

Keep your kitchen worktops away from extreme heat

Although quartz kitchen worktops are highly heat resistant, exposing those to very temperatures for long periods of time may result in discolouration or even the chipping away of the stone. Do not place hot pans directly on the worktop. Use an insulating stand to remain safe and also to ensure that the longevity of the worktop is not threatened from what is referred to as ‘thermal shock’ (a condition when quartz is exposed to sudden dramatic changes in temperatures).

Keep wear-and-tear away

Another simple thing that you can do to ensure that your kitchen worktop lasts longer is to never directly chop on it. Directly chopping on quartz kitchen worktops can lead to abrasions and unbecoming marks and scratches and over-time this will affect the overall appearance of the worktop. It may also damage the worktop and lead to the stone breaking off in spots.

Do not use chemical-based cleaners

Keep your quartz kitchen worktop away from bleaching agents, nail polish removers, dishwasher cleaning liquids and drain cleaners. Anything that is highly acidic or alkaline will adversely impact the worktop and cause effects such as abrasions and discolouration.

Keep heavy objects away from your worktop

Although quartz is the third-strongest natural stone, you should be careful when placing very heavy objects on your kitchen worktop. Extreme pressure from the weight of the object may cause it to break or crack and these will eventually lead to the worktop not performing as it should.

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quartz kitchen worktops

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