How to Make your Swimsuit Last Longer

Published 8 years ago

Finding a perfect swimsuit isn’t always easy, so when you’ve found the perfect one for you,you want to make sure that it can last longer than one season. Here are the caring tips for maintaining the vibrancy and quality for your swimsuit.


Immediately after a sun bath or being in a pool or a hot tub, rinse your swimsuit as soon as you take them off as the chlorine, oil or sunblock can hamper the fabric quality.

Hand wash

Swimwear especially the Tween Swimsuits are very delicate.Machine washing it can spoil cups, paddings and ties, and leave your swimsuit stretched, and poor fitting.Your swimsuit should bealso bewashed with mild hand soap only as it helps maintain the softness, delicacy and fitting. A standard laundry soap or detergent will be harsh on your swimsuit.

Air Dry

After washing, a swimsuit must be dried properly and completely. Avoid hangingand directlywringing the suit. You need to lay it on a towel, roll the towel and gently squeeze it, and keep the suit flat to dry. Never dry it in direct sunlight as it itcan spoil its color. Before putting it away or wearing it again, make sure that it is completely dry.


Spandex, the material used in most of the tween swimsuits is called “memory fabric” and it requires adequate time lag to snap back into its usual shape and form. If you are on a beach vacation orif you are wearing them regularly, you’llneed to have more than one swimsuit in your collection so that your bathing suit can have at least 24 hours to bounce back to its original shape.

Avoid heat

It is not recommended to wash your delicate swimwear in hot water as this will damage the fit and finish of your suit. If you’re regularly in a hot tub, then you should keep one suit just for hot water and it should be a more affordable one.

Prep Your Suit

Every new swimsuit needs to be prepared before taking it to the beach or having a dip in a hotwater. Mix one tablespoon of vinegar in a quarter full bucket of water and soak your swimwear for 30 minutes. It will prevent the dye from bleeding.

Sit on a towel

Whenever you have to sit on a bench, ground or any other rough surface next to the pool, hot tub or at the beach, you should sit on a towel to prevent any possibility of snagging, tearing or stretching of the the material of your swimsuit. If carrying a towel is inconvenient or uncomfortable then simply wrap up your self in a sarong or cover up.

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Girls Swimwear

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