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Humorous Self-Portraits By 87-Year-Old Japanese Woman Who Discovered Photography

Published 7 years ago

Kimiko Nishimoto is an 87-year-old Japanese photographer who has not fallen behind with technology despite being almost 90. She actually figured out how to use a camera only when she was 71, but since then she has been polishing her unique style.

Besides taking landscape photos Kimiko also does self-portraits (alright, selfies) for which she puts herself in these weird situations: from falling down in front of a bus to being trapped in a plastic bag. Her unique take on the whole selfies game can be explained in a couple ways: either she’s trying to say that the modern selfie is just too dull and devoid of any plotline… or maybe she’s just really bored.

Whatever the case, it works for her and it makes us laugh. Win-win!

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