I Found That Saigon Was A True Fashion Icon City In The 60s

Published 8 years ago

When you think about Saigon in the 1960s you think about war and social issues, not fashion. Well, I have found that Saigon girls were very fond of the Westerner fashion and managed to change their own wardrobes in order to integrate the iconic capri pants, short curly hairstyles and tartan skirts.

What’s more interesting is the very national costume, the ao dai, was adjusted and accessorized to fit into the 1960s fashion. In South Vietnam, where individual style was allowed, women started to wear the ao dai hippy, which was an updated version of the traditional costume. The new ao dai was shorter, which made it more practical. It also had slits on the sides, which allowed free movement. It was the perfect outfit to accessorized with a Birkin and Ray Bans!

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