Freezing Weather Turns Ocean Waves Into Slush

Published 9 years ago

Seas are only warm around tropical paradise islands and people with poor bladder control. However, a Nantucket photographer Johnathan Nimerfroh witnessed the sea almost at its coldest – the waves were actually turning into slush! And not the strawberry kind, either! I wonder how that looked in motion: did the waves roll with a certain kind of laziness and mass?

The cold is really hitting the States now and causing these kind of strange calamities. “Just been super cold here. The harbor to the main land is frozen solid. No boats running.” said Johnathan, and avid photographer and surfer (and, judging by the surname – the wizard causing all this cold), to Stay Wild Magazine “But yea, the day after I took these it actually froze up the shoreline for 200 yards out. Solid ice. I was totally tripping when I pulled up to the beach and saw this.”. Now that’s some cold right there!

More info: | Instagram (h/t: dailymail, staywildmagazine)

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