Women Share 20 Of The Most Cringeworthy Misconceptions Men Had About Them

Published 2 years ago

Different men treat women differently – some are thoughtful, some are funny, and some are toxic. And then there is another category of men who are downright ignorant – the ones who believe that “women have no inner life” or “women could control the sex of a baby via sexual position at conception or eating certain foods.” Either these clueless men failed at school or they just never got an opportunity to learn how women’s minds and bodies work.

Recently, a Redditor u/CataleyaJackson asked “Women of Reddit, what’s the funniest misconception a man had about women that he probably still believes to this day?” and received some dumbfounding answers. Turns out, some people have absolutely no idea what women are like to the point where it’s ridiculous. Scroll below to read those answers.

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Image source: parmsandwich7

“Really religious guy at work said periods last a 3 weeks so his wife could only share a bed one week a month. Sis I will take your secret to the grave.”


Image source: Cultural-Feedback-53

“Women have no inner life” and flat out refused to believe or entertain other points of view. It was the saddest and most frustrating thing I’ve ever read. He legitimately asserted the women have no inner consciousness. He wanted to pretend that 50% of the population were not quite fully human.”


Image source: SJ_Barbarian

“Men. Sweet, summer children. We have three holes. The urethra is between the clit and the v**ina. It goes a-hole, rectovaginal septum (perenium) , vagina (introitus), vestibule, urethra, clit. We don’t pee from our vaginas. We pee from the urethra. Which – again – is a different hole. We can control whether we pee. We cannot control whether we bleed. Sneezing, coughing, etc, can shoot forth an amount of blood. Our uturine lining is shedding, and it happens whether we like it or not (hint: we don’t).

Just because your brother’s girlfriend had mild cramps and said that women were overreacting doesn’t mean that is true. For some fortunate souls, their cramps are light and barely noticeable. For others, it is truly debilitating. You cannot imagine. There is no good comparison. That said, there are cramp simulation units. Keep in mind when you’re using those that it’s only one aspect of the full picture. If you find any of this too gross to contemplate, you are not mature enough for sex.”


Image source: throwRA2748596

“I met a guy on tinder that didn’t think we could have sex bc I was taller than him. Like he physically thought it wouldn’t work/fit together or something. Needless to say I never talked to him again.

Also the first thing he said when I walked up to meet him in person was “Holy [cow] you’re a giant! Why didn’t you tell me??” It was a pretty awkward date.”


Image source: Delicious_Version892

“My ex legitimately thought I could control the sex of the baby via sexual position at conception or eating certain foods.”


Image source: JustAnotherAviatrix

“That women can produce breast milk on demand, even if they’ve never been pregnant. If that were true, it would be very inconvenient to say the least.”


Image source: Im_Prolly_Depressed

“My ex boyfriend saw a TikTok that said (as a joke) that us women have blue piss if we were really mad and asked me if he could see it I obviously said no and told him that it wasn’t true but he seemed to not believe me so now I stay up till 3am every night thinking about it, Mark if your reading this, I’m so sorry that you’re stupid enough to believe something off TikTok.”


Image source: Saberleaf

“I (woman) once argued with a guy who kept saying that women aren’t into p**n for the p**n part but for the story and aren’t turned on by sex or naked bodies at all. He definitely thinks that to this day because my argument that “I’m a woman and skip any story part in p**n” was met with ‘Just because you’re a woman it doesn’t mean you know what women like.'”


Image source: ArcadiaPlanitia

“A friend’s boyfriend thought that it was biologically impossible for lesbians to get pregnant. Like, once they realize they’re gay, their ovaries just shrivel up and quit, so they can never have kids. His reasoning was that he’d never met a lesbian couple with children (this was a one-horse town with like 2000 residents, he’d never met a lesbian couple, period.)

I think men also tend to assume that period blood is 100% the same as the blood you see when you cut yourself—thin, bright red, etc (which I guess is a fair assumption.) Lots of men have no idea that period blood can contain clots and tissue, or that the color of it can vary throughout the cycle. They assume it’s just a constant, plain red drip like a nosebleed or something.”


Image source: TheLittleCas

“Went on a date with a guy whilst on my period. We ended up kissing on the date and he asked if we could do the deed. I told him that I was on my period and didn’t really feel up to it. He rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Can’t you just hold it in? I promise it’s worth it.” I didn’t have any words, just left.”


Image source: cdnmoon

“He said, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” – Todd Akin, Republican, 2012.”


Image source: sweetpotatonerd

“My male friend told me that I don’t necessarily know what blood looks like. And that when period blood gets soaked up by a pad or tampon it’s no longer visible and soaks into the product losing the blood colour. So pads are always white and dry.”


Image source: TicklesPickles

“That an intact hymen means you’re a virgin and a torn/broken one means you’re not. You can have sex and your hymen remain unbroken and you can tear your hymen running, jumping, doing splits, stretching, etc.”


Image source: 18justme

“When I was 17, I needed to ask my dad for money to buy period products. He just said: “You needed money for this reason the previous month, it’s not like you have your period every month”

I just stood there in chock, and borrowed some money from a friend until my mom got back the next week. It’s not like he and my mom had been married for almost 20 years, and the fact that he was 56 lol.”


Image source: ionfckingwannabehere

“Periods are painless. We all overreact.”


Image source: anarkiast

“That women who have multiple partners do not deserve any chance of a faithful partner. Or her partner is crazy to be with girl with a “loose hole”

I told the guy that I will never talk to him ever again. It has been 16 years.”


Image source: Murka-Lurka

“Debating whether the 6 week abortion limit was a functional ban in abortion.

Him: No because you have 6 weeks to decide I you want an abortion.

Me: That’s not how it works.

Him: I remember my biology lessons.

Me: my menstrual cycle can be 6 weeks. I have been having them for nearly 30 years, trust my experience.

Him: That’s not right

Me: it is and I spent several years trying to get pregnant so I learnt to look for signs of ovulation and symptoms of pregnancy. It is impossible to know if you are pregnant on day one of your pregnancy because you could be a virgin. The first two weeks are shedding the lining of the womb (period) and growing an egg.

Him : quotes Web MD

Me: Oh f**k I gotta hand back my biology degree with all the exams I took in reproductive biology because a guy who googled the answer knows more than me.

Him : Oi. You better not be mean to me because I am well educated and have liberal views on abortion so you need to keep me as an ally.”


“It was my first time having sex with my first bf after my divorce. I was nervous, as no one else had seen me naked since I had become a mom to three children, and this guy was gorgeous. I was athletic, fit and confident, but still, it had been almost 20 years since I had been naked around someone new. As things are getting hot and heavy, he starts kissing my stomach and heading south, he stops… and I hear… “wow, you are gorgeous down here… your pussy is gorgeous! Sorry, I’ve never been with a mom before and I thought it would be all messed up. “I’ve never laughed so hard in bed, he was so genuinely shocked and pleased. We just got married last month after 6 years of dating.”

Image source: ronsinblush


Image source: winston356

“A grown ass man told me that period is actually an accumulation of all the “dirty things” that accumulate monthly in a woman’s body. And that men are clean so they don’t have periods.”


Image source: minahmyu

“That we really dress for attention from men. My ex seriously thought that. Ok, some women do as there are some men who do. But I know I dress for myself, however I want, because I’m my own individual who is doing it for me because I like it. Yes, we women can do things for ourselves for that reason alone!”

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