This Artist Created A Haunting Memorial To Commemorate The 440 Turkish Women Killed By Their Husbands Last Year

Published 5 years ago

Domestic violence is a social issue that shouldn’t be downplayed in any case. No “Yeah, I hit her but we made up” type of situation should be dismissed as unimportant because in many cases the victim is too scared to act up and ends up suffering abuse in silence. Sadly, on some occasions, this silence can prove to be fatal.

Turkish artist Vahit Tuna has recently erected a memorial in Istambul that commemorates the 440 Turkish women killed by their husbands last year and it’s truly haunting. It features 440 pairs of shoes hung up on a wall and will hopefully draw peoples’ attention to this sensitive problem.

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One Turkish artist erected a haunting memorial in Istambul featuring 440 pairs of shoes

According to the statistics, nearly 40 percent of Turkish women have suffered physical violence in a relationship.

It commemorates the 440 Turkish women killed by their husbands last year

The memorial was created by a Turkish artist named Vahit Tuna

Vahit says he was inspired to create the memorial after seeing more and more messages about domestic violence appear on social media. He noticed that the stories tended to be forgotten quickly and wanted to create something that wouldn’t go unnoticed.

Vahit used high-heels as a symbol of feminine power and independence

The shoes did not belong to the victims and were used as a cultural gesture

The artist has received some criticism for using high-heels in the projects. He defended himself by saying he chose them not only based on aesthetical reasons but also because they symbolize that a woman is employed and therefore not dependent on their spouse.

There’s a tradition of putting a person’s shoes outside after they pass in certain regions of Turkey

The shoes become a symbol of mourning

The memorial is located in the center of Istanbul

It will remain on display for 6 months

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