Syrian Home Built Inside IKEA Store Shows The Awful Conditions Of Refugees

Published 8 years ago

While looking for inspiration in IKEA store in Slependen, Norway, customers found something way more profound. It was one of the most powerful awareness campaigns to shed some light on the horrible living conditions that Syrian war refugees face.

A full-size Syrian home was recreated inside IKEA store as part of the awareness campaign by the Norwegian Red Cross and an advertising agency POL. It might sound like a tall order to recreate a home inside a store, but it wasn’t that hard considering the whole walk-through installation fits in 25 square meters. The home is actually a replica of the one in Damascus, Syria that belongs to a woman named Rana, and her family of nine. “When we had to flee to this area to find safety, we did not have enough money to rent a better place. We have no money to buy mattresses and blankets, or clothes for the children,” Rana told the Red Cross team.

On the walls hang the usual IKEA posters, yet this time instead of product descriptions visitors see the stories of Syrians who deal with daily shortages of the basic needs like food, water, and medical supplies. The clever bit is that every price tag features a clear call to action with a text-based donate link for visitors who want to contribute to the cause.

More info: TV-aksjonen | norwegian red cross (h/t)

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