Important things to know before starting your watch collection

Published 8 years ago

Having been extremely stylish, functional yet elegant, purchasing watches can easily become an addiction if you have a strong interest in gadgets. If you are thinking that becoming a real hoarder, always spending thousands of Dollars at one attempt to purchase several timers together in a single attempt, then you are mistaken. This comes with time, however, there is a great involvement of money and you can’t become a proud collector of luxury chronometers unless you don’t pay attention to understand few key things about this hobby.

Below I am discussing few basic things everyone should consider understanding to become a collector of genuine watches.

Learn everything about brand tiers, it is a mandatory to understand as it helps you to decide your spending limits. Depending on their prices, brands can be divided into four groups that include Basic watches like Fortis and Movado (cost up to $2,000), Low-end luxury timers TAG Heuer and Raymond Weil (cost between $500 and $4,000), Luxury chronometers Cartier and Rolex (cost from $1,000 to $20,000) and High-end luxury devices like Hamilton watches and Patek Phillipe (price from $5,000 to over 1 million dollars). This will empower you to confidently select the right brand to start your collection without breaking your budget. Instead of showing the huge price difference, most of the gadgets belong to these brand tiers are made from the material like steel, plated gold, real gold, sapphire crystals and diamonds. However, brands come under the high-end luxury also incorporates the precision of handcrafted movements by master Swiss artisans.

Estimate the budget, after making yourself familiar with different brands, you can easily estimate the budget either by price every single piece in your collection or by rating the whole collection. Perhaps your aim is to become a professional collector, I will suggest you start this activity like a hobby. Once you decide the amount of money you are planning to invest, don’t exceed that limit. It is fun to collect unique timers, don’t stress yourself after putting financial burden.

Do you know how necessary is to create the sufficient storage? Collection means you are going to have numerous elegant and functionally sophisticated time telling devices, you can’t pack them in a single box or drawer. Rather, you have to make special arrangements to store them. Preferably, store them in their original casing in a portioned box. The box should be padded like a jewelry box. Place it on a stable and smooth surface. Furthermore, don’t forget to desiccate it with silica.

Don’t ignore regular maintenance, although, you are not going to wear them all, focus on learning about the necessary care and maintenance of these devices. Few of the most sophisticated mechanical timers and chronographs often require professional level care and maintenance. Generally, automatic chronometers are easy to care, in contrast to that mechanical pieces should be wound daily and carefully to maintain their precision.

Summary: Whether you aim to collect watches with unique functionality is just to make you satisfied, or you are looking to make a collection as an investment hobby, consider these simple things to prolong the life of your collection.

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