20 Of The Most Bizarre Designs Created By Architects And Engineers

Published 1 year ago

Most architects go through certain plans and codes to design a practical and aesthetic building. However, a few of them like to ditch the norms and experiment with things. And there are numerous examples showing those experiments going wrong.

A Reddit community shares bizarre and oddly-designed buildings spotted all around the world. You might actually like some of them if you have a thing for unique structures. Check out some of the wackiest building designs posted by the group in the gallery below.

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#1 Landmark Theater In England

Image source: Skafos_

#2 The 800 – Louisville, Ky

Image source: WBLO

#3 Majesty Building – Orlando

Image source: kylepianoman

#4 [terrible] Building In Philadelphia

Image source: nibbaids

#5 Grand Lisboa Hotel In Macau

Image source: Skafos_

#6 I’m On The 9th Floor You Can’t Miss It! [kuwait]

Image source: _madlib_

#7 Mirador Building In Madrid

Image source: Skafos_

#8 [terrible] Thin Building, Egypt

Image source: sherif-khattab

#9 Horrible Attempt At Re-Creating The Nice Architecture Of An Older Building

Image source: Fergaberg

#10 Elephant Building In Bangkok

Image source: imgur

#11 Selfridges Department Store In England

Image source: imgur.com

#12 Federal Building In San Fransisco

Image source: imgur.com

#13 Upside-Down Building

Image source: Skafos_

#14 Antilia In India (Personal Home)

Image source: Skafos_

#15 House Of Soviets In Kaliningrad

Image source: UglyFatBaldandSmelly

#16 Dome Home Near The Gulf

Image source: reddit.com

#17 First World Hotel In Malaysia

Image source: Skafos_

#18 National Library In Buenos Aires, Argentina

Image source: Skafos_

#19 Gateway To A Residential Neighborhood In Poland

Image source: tupungato

#20 Verizon Building NYC

Image source: UglyFatBaldandSmelly

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