20 Weirdly-Designed Things That Are Difficult To Clean, As Shared By This Facebook Page

Published 2 years ago

Some brilliant designers know how to blend aesthetics and practicality together. However, some designers simply don’t understand that aesthetics is not everything and forget that there are many practical aspects that ought to be considered while designing things.

There is a Facebook group named “Things designed by people who don’t have to clean them” which shares many such examples in which designers just forgot that things need to be cleaned too. Check out some of their interesting posts in the gallery below.

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#1 I Smell Spiders In All The Pots

Image source:  Lam Ammon Si Yuen

#2 A Little Dust Catcher….

Image source: Susan Steele Lienhart

#3 Marble That Looks Like Fabric Staircase Art

Image source: Joumana Khalaf

#4 Well That’s A Dust Trap

Image source: The Handyman

#5 The Bathroom Mirror At A *end Of Tenancy Clean I Had * To Add, I Am Not The Landlord. Nor The Tenant. I’m Just Hired To Clean When They Leave

Image source: Serena-Grace Blake

#6 Bathroom Light Switch In A Local Cafe. I’m Sure It’s Hard To Completely Disinfect

Image source: Sydney Sills

#7 I Have Questions

Image source: Daniela Garcia

#8 Choice. I Would Never Feel Like This Was Clean, It Looks Like They Used To Adhere The Tiles To The Wall…

Image source: Cari King

#9 This Is For A Home Salon!

Image source: Michelle Chow Jacoby

#10 Looks Comfy. But Think About It For A Minute

Image source: Tara Rose

#11 This Sink At A House I Clean. Super Cool Looking But Terrible To Clean. I Have To Get A Brush And Brush It Also Their Walls Which Are In The Bathroom Are Fabric Thats Super Hard To Wipe Clean

Image source: Cay Lindberg

#12 Victorian Aquarium, C.1880s (Purportedly)

Image source: Sama Bellomo

#13 Hold On! There Is A Pool Under The Bed

Image source: Har Madden

#14 I Like The Whimsical Vibe, But This House Belongs Here

Image source: Eric Collins

#15 My Friends Friend Just Finished His ‘Dream Beach Basement’

Image source: Jack Christensen

#16 It Looks Cool, But There’s No Way A Barbed Wire Grille Passes A State Safety Inspection

Image source: Melissa Petersen

#17 These Restaurant Chandeliers

Image source: Stevie Holcomb

#18 I Don’t Even Know What To Say About This. I Just Feel Kinda Uncomfortable Now. Have A Nice Day

Image source: Moritz Msr

#19 Thought The Group Would Like This

Image source: Ranissha Smith

#20 I’m In Vegas Since My Birthday Was Yesterday And It’s Only A 6 Hours Drive From Me. And This Is A Ceiling In The Bellagio

Image source: Abby Koval

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