30 Amazing Hand-Made Arts And Crafts From Talented People

Published 1 year ago

The sheer amount of talent some people have is absolutely mind-blowing. We love anything to do with design and we aspire to milk the most of it. That’s why we have scoured the subrredit r/somethingimade to find you the most creative arts and crafts that you’ll absolutely love. It will hopefully inspire you to potter around and make something of your own if you’re creatively bent. Just remember to showcase your creations in the comments too.

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#1 I Made A Lamp Out Of A Broken Old Phone. The Switch Is The Hang Up Button

Image source: odetoburningrubber

#2 I Was So Proud Of This Planter, Then Someone Said It Looked Like Bacon

Image source: Neneandplants

#3 I Drew A Skeleton With Ballpen, Feedback Of Any Kind Is Appreciated

Image source: UnusualSandwich7802

#4 This Is My Pencil Drawing Of Heisenberg, Hope You Enjoy It

Image source: Rafael-Kunstler

#5 I Made This Painting In Oil On Wood Panel

Image source: GeneralPrestigious13

#6 I Had A Dream That I Made Cottage Pie With Starry Night Mashed Potatoes And I Haven’t Been Able To Stop Thinking About It.. So I Present To You The Starry Night Cottage Pie

Image source: Coopunder

#7 I Am A Pet Portrait Artist

Image source: Polar_Bear_Online

#8 I Made This 14k Rose Gold Engagement Ring, With A Lab-Grown Diamond And Two Fair Trade Purple Sapphires!

Image source: elittlestudio

#9 Skull Drawing I Did

Image source: BensDrawings

#10 I Designed A Rattlesnake Pen Holder

Image source: COPPERTISTWU

#11 I Made A T-Rex Clip

Image source: COPPERTISTWU

#12 Told A Girl Im Seeing That I Can Carve A “Little”. She Said Sarcastically “Yes, For Sure You Can!” – So I Made A Box For Her

Image source: kasspehr

#13 What Do You Think Of These Mushroom Lamps I’ve Been Making Recently?

Image source: burkeymonster

#14 A Quilt I Made For A Friends Baby

Image source: sneving

#15 I Made These Multicolored Boots For My Client And He Loved It

Image source: paulparkman

#16 My 12-Y.o. Retired Alaskan Sled-Dog Refuses To Come Inside, So I Brought The Inside To Him

Image source: LaszloKravensworth

#17 I Made A “Robot” Puppy

Image source: eyecarrumba

#18 A Rope I Made Of Daffodil Leaves

Image source: walkinglantern

#19 Painting Of A Denim Jacket. The Gorgon Versace Style, Made By Me. What Do You Say To That?

Image source: volgoart

#20 One Of My Recent Paper Quilling Christmas Projects

Image source: MiriamsQuilling

#21 I Made A Sunset Cloud Pendant!

Image source: wintersky__

#22 Super Proud Of My Polymer Clay Snake Rings!

Image source: Fimica

#23 Every Year I Make A Little Me, This Is 2022

Image source: BirdsSwingInMyBeard

#24 I Made This Cemetery Gate From Insulation Foam, Plastic Skeletons, Spray Foam, And Paint

Image source: UptonDide

#25 I Started Painting 4 Years Ago, So Happy To Have Found My Greatest Passion!

Image source: GuidanceArtistic47

#26 My Son Wanted A Outdoor/Camping Theme For His Bedroom And This Is What I Came Up With. Crafted And Painted All By My Hand

Image source: Dude_named_lynn

#27 Finished My First Mural! The Size Was Intimidating And It Took A Lot Of Time, But I’m Happy With How Everything Turned Out

Image source: JaronChurchwell

#28 Little Doll With Set Clothes And Wooden Rack

Image source: OlgaMalikova

#29 First Time I Am Sharing My Work. I Combined Handmade Techniques. For Example, I Crochet This Iguana In 3 Colors Of Threads, Then Painted And Made Clay Details

Image source: ProfessionNo4436

#30 I Painted A Mural In My Baby’s Woodland Themed Nursery!

Image source: ddun

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