People Share 20 Job Fields That Tend To Attract Unqualified People

Published 7 months ago

When considering employment, though one would assume that ideally, someone applying for a role has not only the interest but the qualifications to do the job, in reality, this is not always the case.  More often than not, people apply for roles unsuited to their expertise due to financial reasons or prestige or even just to be close to their friends amongst a myriad of other possibilities. 

In fact,  people’s personal reasons for picking a career can often be incredibly shallow and frivolous. This can eventually even harm the reputation of the industry. So when one Redditor curiously asked netizens what industries fall into this category of attracting the wrong people, the responses started piling up and we’ve shared the most upvoted comments below.

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#1 Based on my current job, Mental Health work. Instead of attracting people who are actually healthy and would give good advice, it seems to **overwhelmingly** attract workers who are themselves deeply traumatised, and have HUGE rescuer/saviour complexes, which usually just winds up deeply traumatising their clients even more.

Image source: A_Happy_Carrot, cottonbro studio

#2 Hospital Administration. They are often business-oriented people with little to no experience in the health field. So they have no idea what those on the front line actually do. For them it’s all about profitability.

Image source: 10EightNine, Li Lin

#3 Veterinary medicine

Many people decide to go into vetmed because they ‘love animals’. That’s not enough.

You have to be able to deal with people, because you’re going to be treating the pet AND educating the owner, you have to be able to multi-multi-multi-task, deal with gross/sad/terrifying/depressing/angry/stinky animals and people, all while holding your bladder for hours, starving, getting yelled at by clients, answering the phone, writing in charts and trying not to forget all the stuff that need to write down, order, put away, clean…

It’s not just “playing with puppies and kittens all day”. Yes, I’ve been told that I was lucky to have that job, because that must be what I did.

Image source: Ill-Veterinarian4208, Tima Miroshnichenko

#4 Elder care :(

Image source: Yarlyy666, Andrea Piacquadio

#5 Law Enforcement

It attracts bullies who claim to want to help people but most of them don’t care and, worse, they don’t have the right mentality. Of course, the job doesn’t help. But the ones who end up hired are the ones who love using force on people are have a sadistic nature. They love causing problems for people.

This is one of the things that has generated so much hatred for the police. They need better training and the correct attitude.

Image source: GummerB, Sean Lee

#6 I’ve heard from more than one ex-military say that they should not be hired as police. How they’re trained to deal with situations and the skills they are trained in run counter to the skills of de-escalation of violence and preservation of human life. This [is] neither a criticism of the military or the police. Just addressing how we confuse their adjacency and training for violent scenarios as being trained to provide the same response.

Image source: Nielas_Aran_76, Pixabay

#7 Not exactly a job, but any board of education. No idea what goes on in the classroom, let alone the offices of a whole district of schools, but they literally make every decision.

Image source: Hour-Eleven, fauxels


#8 Acting. Just like anything else, acting is a craft and it takes training, practice, and experience to get good at it. But people think it’s something you can just… do with no qualifications. The worst part is because of the weird way acting works, some of those people do end up getting work.

Politics is another one. It blows my mind when someone runs for office BECAUSE they have no political experience. Like why would I hire someone with NO experience to do any job? Why is running the government or making laws any different?

Image source: seanofkelley, Roberto Huczek

#9 IT – the demand for people and decent salaries, along with low barriers of entry, mean that all sorts of charlatans get into that industry. And don’t get me started on the lies and qualification/CV fraud from a certain country

Image source: FlightBunny, Lisa Fotios

#10 Handymen. Usually it‘s people with zero actual training who think because they once built a deck with their friend that they are qualified to fix anything.

Image source: Herr_Poopypants, Annie Gray

#11 Professional photography. No Susan, your Instagram photos of cats and sunsets do not qualify you to do professional studio work. It takes a hell of a lot of practice and learning to do that properly.

Image source: anon1984, Shubh karman Singh

#12 Politics

Image source: MilvElCon23, History in HD

#13 Teaching right now is so hard up that it’s pulling paras who have no idea what they’re doing and people who think teaching might be a nice career change (though the latter has always been true).

People are by and large unaware of how hard it is to teach, how much b******t paperwork there is behind the scenes, and how much time you’ll spend defending that you’ve done the job you’ve been hired to do.

What I see in a lot of my coworkers is: people trying to either relive or rewrite their high school days. If they were cool then they will make sure they are the cool teacher and undermine others (oh you’re cutting class. Cool I’ll write you a pass). People who want to rewrite will take absolute blatant pleasure in bossing a kid around and will often take advantage of the fact that admin will usually take another adults word over that of a kid.

I see lazy people abound. I have a coworker who will give kids a 2 question worksheet to complete in a 50 minute class. More often than not kids are watching movies in her class or she’s walking them over to the gym, every day, for at least half the class.

I knew a woman… get this… she won teacher of the year (something that teachers self nominate for) who didn’t teach after lunch. The entire second half of the day she sent them to the gym, to specials, or let them be on computers.

Image source: Jubjub0527, Tima Miroshnichenko

#14 The priesthood, evidently

Image source: Space_Gravy_, Nazim Coskun

#15 Honestly a lot of the time nurses. I’ve met so many nurses that are just unnecessarily mean and grumpy and can’t do their job properly

Image source: Alizoomzoom, RDNE Stock project

#16 Phlebotomy

Everyone thinks they can find a vein and put a needle in it, but in my experience after nearly 15 years you either have it or you don’t. I’ve trained hundreds of people over the years and only a handful would I call good. Even fewer of them would I consider the ones to call when someone comes in that says nobody can ever get their blood. I would say at least 3 times a day someone tells me they can’t find a vein on someone and I put a tourniquet on their arm and feel something in less than 3 seconds.

Image source: Paid2Stabpeople, Nguyễn Hiệp

#17 Community management and HR. How are people that don’t give two a**es about others think they’re capable of managing others?

Image source: BrunoDeeSeL, Campaign Creators

#18 Law

“I want to become a lawyer.”

“Oh, so you are interested in the field and want to know your rights and defend people?”

“No, I have heard people that work there are smart and earn a lot of money.”

I swear to god, some people whose work is to know laws don’t know s**t. Thank god so many quit before they get to practice what they were supposed to have learned.

FYI just because your parents want you to have a career and you were good in high school, does not mean you should work in a field that you have 0 interest in.

Image source: Klexobert, Ruthson Zimmerman

#19 The troubled teen industry

Image source: Zestyclose_Art_1325, Rachel Coyne

#20 Law enforcement.

There’s a problem with staffing in a lot of places, and the means in which they entice people to apply draw in a lot of people who really shouldn’t be in that position of power.

They wind up giving a gun to people who don’t realize there are (most of the time) better ways to resolve a situation without ever drawing it.

In a job like that, corruption is also very dangerous to the public. And if the people they hire aren’t honest and good people, they’re more likely to become corrupt themselves.

And it really shines a bad light on those in uniform that really do want to make their communities a safer place. When so many are crooked or complacent, they run out the good people trying to make a difference, leaving the wrong people in their place.

Image source: Usr_115, Life Matters

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