20 Office Complaints That Sounded ‘Insane’ But Turned Out To Be Completely True

Published 11 months ago

With 8 billion people in the world, there’s bound to be a rotten apple or two in the bunch. One online user asked Netizens about such encounters in their workplace. 

Folks were quick to respond with their own personal experiences with such bad employees. The type that contaminates their working environment with toxic behaviours and perverted actions. Scroll below to read the wildest answers received in response to the following question, “What’s the most insane complaint you’ve had about an employee that turned out to be completely true?” 

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Image source: anon, Mulyadi

I used to work at a rural hospital in Texas. We had a surgeon who was always asking the assisting nurses to leave the OR to go get some random supply. You are never supposed to have only one person in the OR, but he would always figure out a way. These were minimally invasive surgeries that just required sedation so there were no other assists besides nurses, no anesthesiologist, etc. He was the only physician. The door would also “mysteriously” lock and the nurse would have to knock to get back in. One of our nurses got fed up and knew something was going on, so she set up her phone to video him. It turned out he had been sticking his, uh, “manhood” in patient’s mouths. He was of course fired but horrifically did not lose his license.


Image source: notimprezaed, cottonbro studio

That the guy was stalking a female employee. It was a 24 hour retailer and she was a morning shift and he was night shift so I just thought there was no way they knew each other. Then one day I was filling in for a different manager and he came into the break room and was taking pictures of the morning shift schedule. I asked him why and he told me some story about another employee just wanted him to send their schedule etc. I came in on my day off later that week during day shift and caught him staring at her from a different aisle while she was stocking. She had no idea, he would follow her home and watch her house and all that. She was 17, he was 38. I called the cops and had him escorted off the property and helped her get in touch with the right resources for a restraining order. He ended up violating the order multiple times and is in jail last I heard.


Image source: naptrapped, Trap Gang

Had an employee that was actively robbing local banks on his days off. I believe he hit 8-9 different banks before he got caught. Found out about it during an early am FBI raid of the employee locker/break rooms done in conjunction with a raid on his house. To say it was a shock was an understatement. He wasn’t even top 20 of my list of potential felonious employees.


Image source: sleepylun3, jill, jellidonut… whatever

Had a coworker who always had a really strong stench and thought it was just bad BO. Turns out she was addicted to mothballs and was licking them during working hours. The chemicals give off an unbelievably strong smell through your skin. We got complaints about her odor but didn’t take them seriously (thought people were just being a******s) until someone saw her actively licking on the job.

Something else I would add is it was the kind of smell where you could never really quite put the finger on what it was, but once we figured it out it made a *lot* of sense. It doesn’t smell exactly like the real thing, but like it’s been processed through your body/skin lol. We were also very wary of being discriminatory which is why it wasn’t discovered earlier.


Image source: tuesdayteatime, Chelsea Gates

A colleague checked out of the mediocre but adequate hotel where we were having a conference and checked into a 5 star luxury resort. She then submitted an expense report for her stay at the luxury resort.

She claimed that she felt unsafe in the original hotel, but did not elaborate.

Someone called the hotel, which checked the security camera footage. At least 4 separate men tried to enter her room that first night. No wonder she left.


Image source: Faethor_Ferenczy, Alina Perekatenkova

I was the head night auditor at an upscale airport property. Had a youngish night auditor who put a room into out of order status and let his friends in to party and have an orgy that he joined during his lunch break. He got caught because of a noise complaint. Police called, he was fired and blacklisted from being hired back.


Image source: The-Sassy-Pickle, cottonbro studio

As an area manager for a chain of electrical stores, one Saturday I got a garbled voicemail telling me: ‘store manager’, ‘deputy manager’ and ‘sales manager’ at a certain location had shrink-wrapped ‘a sales guy’ to a wheely-chair, put him in the back of the delivery lorry -unrestrained- and done doughnuts in the car park so the poor lad was getting smashed into the walls & bulkhead with no way to protect himself, as all limbs were confined due to the dozens of layers of shrink-wrap. One of the ‘warehouse guys’ was in the back filming the whole thing on his phone…

Until I saw the video and the absolute state of the poor sales guy, I really thought I was being pranked.

He ended up with 2 broken arms (one broken in two places), 1 broken ankle, severe bruising almost all over and a bleed on his brain.



Image source: Sweet_Spice_Pepper, Juan Puyo

While working at a well known hardware store, had a coworker build a hideout in the insulated aisle. He would disappear for hours while clocked in, no one knew where he would go. One day he’s being escorted out, apparently a manager found him sleeping in his hideout.


Image source: The_Sad_Penis, Denny Müller

Mechanic here. I had a coworker whom would poke a hole into customers tires just so they would come back and buy more (yes he did it to new tires as well). Finally caught him one day after I found it odd that it was only the customers he put tires on that kept coming back for more tires, at first I thought maybe he wasn’t putting enough air into them so I kinda hawk eyed over him without him knowing and sure enough he would put the tire on the rim (we have a special machine to put tires on rims) and he would put a small slit with his pocket knife in the tread on the tire. Caught him red handed doing it. Fired on the spot. F**k you Brett.


Image source: squorl_gorl, Tima Miroshnichenko

my friend used to work in HR at this holistic wellness place and one of the staff members who always had one of those reusable straw cups was literally dRINKING HIS OWN PEE OUT OF IT like during meetings and everything!!?!??! she quit pretty soon after.


Image source: vaz_de_firenze, Thirdman

Many years ago, the bookshop I worked at hired a new employee with terminal cancer – very sad, since she was quite young. She wasn’t around too much due to the chemotherapy etc., but when she was in she worked in the children’s department. She was actually a pretty good children’s bookseller, and was a huge fan of a fairly major American children’s author; she ran the UK branch of his fanclub and knew him personally, he occasionally flew her out to the States for events.

One day, she wasn’t in, and all employees were called to a staff meeting. We were informed that she had passed away. There was a lot of sadness; her close colleagues were devastated.

Only… a few days later one of our staff happened to go into a branch of McDonalds in a nearby town. Guess who was working behind the counter? Go on, guess.

Turns out she was never ill. She had made the whole cancer thing up, as well as *faking her own death,* for reasons that we never really fully understood. The general consensus was that it started out as a way to connect with her author hero and kind of spiralled from there; in the end she couldn’t handle living the lie any more and so… just up and had her mother tell people that she’d died. And then got a job in Maccie D’s a few miles down the road, and was surprised when she got found out.

That was a pretty what-the-f**k sort of experience for us all.


Image source: Professional_March54, Mizuno K

This was shortly before I joined. I’m the dispatcher for a food delivery service. Just a local thing. Anyway, we had this driver, right at the start of the pandemic. She apparently decided enough was enough one day. The complaint was that she was an hour late, wasn’t wearing mask, was very confrontational and messy. While being sternly reminded to wear a mask, we got another call from the customer. They had found her mask, in the mashed up French fry and ketchup soup that she had made of a kids meal in the order, the chicken fingers were eaten down to the burnt ends. They got a full refund and were offered to have a fresh meal bought by another driver but refused. The original driver was confronted. Whereupon her reply was “Oh yeah that’s where that went! What? I was hungry. Fat little porker answered the door coulda missed a meal or two. What yes gonna do? Fire me?”She then tried to sue for discrimination and said she was fired because she was gay


Image source: guessdragon, Museums Victoria

Working in a bank. Had a teller (about 19 year-old) get pissed about the way a customer (retail store owner) would send in her deposits at the drive up window.
The teller complained about the customer on Facebook! Tagged the lady personally, as well as the store! Customer called the bank and told me, furious of course. I told the customer we would investigate, I asked the teller. She straight up admitted it, and says “What’s the customer or Branch Manager going to do about it? My Grandfather is friends with the bank President.”
I called HR and Bank President on conference. Girl lost her job in under 15 minutes of me receiving the call from the customer. Breach of customer confidentiality in banking is a MAJOR law violation.


Image source: tempthethrowaway, Daria Nepriakhina

She was peeing on the chairs in the office. No, she didn’t have any sort of health issues. She just didn’t feel like walking to the bathroom.

AFAIK she still works there.


Image source: whynotsayitanyway, CardMapr.nl

One of my employees stole a credit card from her co-worker and took all of the office employees (including her victimized co-worker) out to a nice restaurant for lunch. When the victim received the credit card bill she noticed over 20 charges she did not recognize including from Wal-Mart. She went to the store and got security footage from the day of the charges and found her co-worker on camera with a cart full of products. It took her over 1 year with the evidence to get the police to arrest and the DA to prosecute her.


Image source: Senplis, Rayner Simpson

Just remembered one that was super bad. Security guard at a mall. This coworker, probably late 30s-esrly 40s, was a really weird dude. Pretty sure he was barely functioning autistic but also down right gross and would frequently take people’s left over food out the trash and eat the rest if they didn’t finish. Anyways one day this dude finds a woman smoking outside one of the doors and it’s a no smoking property. He bold face lies to the woman about what he can and can’t do and threatens to give her a 500$ fine for violating fire safety laws unless she sucks his d**k. She asks for an hour to think about it and asks for his number to get in touch with him. She gets his number and immediately goes up to our camera room and asks for the big boss and tells him what happened. By boss, understandably doesn’t believe her at first. She then calls him on the number she got and puts it on speaker phone. She asks him to explain the offer again before she decides to follow through. He explains it all again while boss man listens quietly in the back ground. Boss man picks up the phone and yells at him that he’s fired and to drop all his stuff off and that he’ll be arrested in the spot if he ever comes back.


Image source: gutterferret, Keo Oran

I knew a guy who worked at subway back when they gave out stamps. Basically for every six inches of sub you bought you earned a stamp and once you filled a card with 8 stamps you could get a free six inch sub.

So this guy started only giving stamps to customers who asked for them. If they didn’t ask he pocketed their stamps and grew a sizeable stack of complete stamp cards.

Then over time he started cashing them in. When a customer paid with cash he would ring it in as a freebie, place his own completed stamp card in the till, and pocket the cash. Customer got their sub, subway’s till was balanced, and he had an extra five to ten bucks in his pocket – everybody was happy.

He worked there for a few years and word was he racked up a few thousand dollars running this scheme. No idea if anybody complained, or if he was ever caught, but he did buy a motorbike.


Image source: anon, Wyron A

None of these will beat the guy who worked at the local pinata factory who was caught f*****g the pinatas. He was caught on CCTV and fired. He later sued them because he claimed they rigged the pinata to f**k up his d**k.


Image source: FarmerTex, Adrian Cogua

Had a new hire (as in less than a week on the job) at a movie theater, where I worked as a supervisor, throw a very loud, unbelievably childish tantrum in front of a lobby full of customers because her direct supervisor asked her to sweep up some popcorn that a customer spilled. She kept screaming “I ain’t cleaning up someone else’s mess! Make them (the customer) do it!” She was 24 years old.

The meltdown she had when she got fired for her tantrum was nuclear, with lots of screaming & threats of how her parents were going to “call the company and get all your
a$$e$ fired!”. The next day someone *claiming* to be her dad did call & tell us that we “are going to rehire my daughter & apologize to her and fire (named her supervisor and manager) or else.” but nothing more came of it, the top manager just laughed & hung up.

I’ve yet to ever see such an epic, entitled tantrum before or since.


Image source: BabyEinstein2016, Chris Benson

I just fired an intern because he thought it’d be funny to smack one of the girls on the a*s. Upon further investigation, she had been having anxiety coming to work because he would ask all sorts of ridiculously inappropriate questions. For example, he asked her if she had a good weekend. She told him it was a good weekend or some plain answer and he then asked her if it was because she f****d her boyfriend a lot. Needless to say, her anxiety was warranted and we fired him as soon as we could. The mood in my group seems a bit more relaxed this week…

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