The New #FilterDrop Challenge Encourages Women To Skip The Beauty Filters And Share Their Natural Photos (15 Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Instagram and beauty filters seem like two inseparable things – but it looks like things are about to take a turn for the better. Back in July, makeup artist Sasha Louise Pallari started something called #FilterDrop – a viral campaign that encourages women to ditch the beauty filters and share their natural selfies. However, it did not stop there.

Sasha had submitted a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK and eventually got a response saying that it rules against advertisements that “misleadingly exaggerated the effect the product was capable of achieving”! This means that ASA will be cracking down on brands that use misleading photos to sell beauty and fashion products.

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Just me – no filter – just grey hair, wrinkles and a pair of glasses I have so many things to be grateful for – I’m grateful for all the money I save from NOT dying my hair, I’m grateful for my daughter who’s always complimenting me and my wrinkles and I’m grateful for my glasses because I like the look + they hide the dark circles under my eyes smile and be grateful – there’s always something to be happy about


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I’m just a girl trying to love myself in a world that’s constantly telling me not to

ASA examined to specific cases of false advertisement: a tanning brand called Skinny Tan that featured influencer Elly Norris, and another one by Tanologist Tan shared by influencer Cinzia Baylis-Zullo. Turns out that both times a “Perfect Tan” filter was used to exaggerate the effect. “The ads breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 (Misleading Advertising) and 3.11 (Exaggeration),” reads ASA’s assessment.


Image source: beautifulbybreakfast

Just injecting your feed with some REAL SKIN this evening!


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I’m off for a walk to clear my head

“Because the ads conveyed a tanning effect of the product, we considered that the application of the filter ‘Perfect Tan’ by Bianca Petry to the images was directly relevant to the claimed performance of the product and gave a misleading impression about the performance capabilities of the product,” continued ASA. An order to delete the ads was also issued.

See more pictures from the women who accepted the #FilterDrop challenge below!


Image source: izzierodgers

What makeup REALLY looks like after a long ass day… VS… what Instagram thinks it looks like!

This is for my insecure greasy faced baby dolls GREASE IS NORMAL! OUR SKIN IS NOT MATT! We have pours that produces grease, some of us get lots, some don’t!

After a long ass day of wearing makeup, this is what my skin looks like! It’s not dirty, it is human! And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it.

Filters can hide so much of reality, that we forget so many things are actually normal! Greasy, bumpy faces are so common, but when is the last time you saw one on Instagram!?

If you are like me and also have a greasy bumpy face… BABY WE GOT THIS, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER AND WE ARE B E A UUUUUTIFUL!


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You were born to be REAL not perfect.


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The power of filterdrop


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Comparing ourselves to the perfect, online version of ourself IS NOT.
This is not a before and after.
I could not achieve this “look” in real life.
No skincare will give me this result.
No makeup will make me this poreless.
So many of us are striving for these unrealistic beauty standards, feeling miserable when we can’t achieve them no matter how much time and money we invest.
And then there are those who have misrepresented themselves online with filters so much, that they now struggle to meet people in person because they can’t live up to the expectation they created.
When filters stop being fun, stop using them. And next time you find yourself comparing yourself to you or anyone else, question what exactly your comparing yourself to.
And do you really think it’s beautiful or have you been told to think so?
Remember: #poresnotflaws


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Image source: sashalouisepallari

FILTERDROP was created as an extension of everything I believe in for beauty. I’ve worked in this industry for almost ten years and with this campaign, I’ve changed how it will be seen online.

Six months ago I spoke to the ASA about the damage of these filters as I felt there needed to be stricter guidelines around how products and cosmetics were advertised online. It felt like I was holding my breath each time I was updated this case was being taken further to each stage. On 22/01/2021 I received an email stating that “the outcome of the rulings chosen mean it is now advised that brands/influencers/celebrities are not to apply filters to photos which promote beauty products if such filters are likely to exaggerate the effect the product is capable of achieving, even if the name of the filter is referenced in the Instagram story.”

Today those rulings have been put in place and it’s because of this campaign. There are a lot of important things that need to be changed online but this was still one of them and I would do anything to go back and tell 12-year-old Sasha she was going to do this.

I used to drastically edit my pictures, I used filters, I spent every waking minute of my days wishing I looked like someone else.

This is still only the start. I started this campaign eight months ago and the amount we’ve achieved together has been mind-blowing. Every single share, comment, like and action has meant I’ve kept going when parts of this process have been so difficult.

Going forward this means that every single time somebody promotes a skincare or beauty product online, we have the highest chance of seeing real skin, real texture, real nose shapes, different lip sizes, the true product colour. The amount of people that will no longer compare themselves to an advert that isn’t achievable without a filter is going to be prolific. We did it. I’m so proud.


Image source: instagram

I am beyond excited to announce that I am going to be a guest speaker at the @cultbeauty #UpCloseOnSkinCare event on 07.01.2021 discussing how virtual filters are changing the beauty world alongside some of the industries most valued. If you’ve followed #FILTERDROP from the start you’ll know my passion for filters and the damage they can cause is something I am adamant to change, so to be asked to speak at this event by one of the best beauty retailers is an absolute honour. Head to my stories to purchase your ticket in exchange for a donation to the incredible charity @beautybanks – I can’t wait to see you there.


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Recently, I’ve been posting in my instastories using beauty filters and it felt good to look “pretty”. But I noticed that without those filters, I don’t feel confident about myself which is not healthy for my mental health. So, I’ve decided (with all my might) to post this to stop normalizing beauty filters. With or without filters, we are beautiful in our own way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still working on my insecurities. As they say, fake it till you make it. (Lol) From now on, will try to use instagram as a tool for healing my insecurities. Char, take note ang “try”, d sa ko mu-promise. k thanks byeee


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I’ve officially fallen out of love with foundation Concealing my acne used to GIVE ME LIFE. Without it, I know I wouldn’t of had the confidence to do everything I have professionally, socially and romantically .Now, more than a year since I first went barefaced after fourteen years of hiding my acne, I actually prefer my skin without foundation. It highlights every pore, line and scar. And where I once only used to feel myself when wearing makeup, now is the opposite. I realise this is progress I should be proud of but I have mixed feelings. I used to enjoy dressing up and the transformation. Now I guess what I can do with makeup is limited compared to what I can achieve with a filter. Is that it then? Has seeing my skin through a filter ruined makeup for me? What’s your relationship with makeup at the moment? I know since the pandemic, it’s been a great opportunity to break away from concealing every day. Has this helped change the way you feel about your skin? there is no shame in concealing your skin. You do you.


Image source: elevateskin

People everywhere are struggling to match the beauty standards we see daily on social media platforms, which is what led us to launch our #ElevateDareToBare campaign last year, encouraging our clients and followers to share real, unedited skin selfies and embrace their bare skin in all its glory.

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