25 Times This Online Community Revealed The Reality Behind The Instagram Photos

Published 3 weeks ago

In today’s digital age, social media platforms like Instagram have become virtual playgrounds where individuals can curate their idealized selves through carefully crafted images. However, the rise of photo-editing tools and filters has blurred the lines between reality and fantasy, leading to a phenomenon known as “Instagram Reality.” This term encompasses the widespread practice of altering photos to such an extent that they bear little resemblance to the original subject.

A quick scroll through the ‘Instagram Reality‘ subreddit offers a glimpse into the extremes of photo manipulation. Here, users share examples of individuals who have taken editing to the next level, often with unintentionally comical or concerning results. From botched Photoshop jobs to excessive airbrushing and filter abuse, the subreddit serves as a reminder of the dangers of chasing unattainable standards of beauty and perfection.

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#1 This Girl Has Several Thousand Followers. All Her Posts Are The Same Exact Face

Image source: carbonatedgravy69

30ninjazinmybag: “Tiny head, check. Weird chin, check. Anime eyes, check. 😆 🤣 😂”

Ephemera Image: “I find it really disturbing how so many want to look so childlike. Creepy AF.”

#2 They Really Post This Thinking It Looks Good

Image source: dumbfoundead33

Anna Ekberg: “Rofl, everyone stand clear! Looks like she’s gonna pop! 😂”

#3 Filtered Photo vs. Unfiltered Screenshot From Dress Designer

Image source: HiddnVallyofthedolls

Mavis: “The plastic surgery didn’t work so she has to photoshop as well. Crazy.”

#4 Now Girl

Image source: Kpre813

Nancy Lynch: “Nope.”

M O’Connell: “I don’t get this at all. She’s actually quite a bit better looking in the second photo.”

#5 Got This Korean Photographer Account As Recommended…i Honestly Feel So Sad To See This, Both Men & Women Gets Edited

Image source: Hagacchi

Zedrapazia: “This is sad. Both of them look like absolutely average people given the body shape, but they still seem to feel fat and ugly :(“

Roan The Demon Kitty: “The dark side of Korea – the beauty standards are absolutely insane. :/”

#6 Reality TV Contestant-Her Ig vs. How She Looked On The Show ?

Image source: actiasdubernardi

E.V.: “She forgot to edit her arm lol”

#7 Most People In The Comments Genuinely Believe It’s “Just Makeup”

Image source: PresidentBasil9187

Nancy Lynch: “Really? Nope.”

Tobias Reaper: “what make up shrinks your chin and makes your eyes huge”

Nina: “Seriously? I know there are real artists out there who make art with make-up, but to look like that you’d really need extensive cosmetic surgery.”

#8 “One Month After Giving Birth”

Image source: calilav

Zedrapazia: “I unfortunately gave birth to not just a baby but also all of my organs and my lowest ribs”

#9 What She Posted vs. What The Makeup Artist Posted

Image source: ilovemuesli

Anna Ekberg: “If you are gonna fake it this much you might as well go all the way and turn yourself into a blonde looking angel while calling yourself the queen of England. 🤷‍♀️”

#10 Lmfao!!! What I Just Found On Ig

Image source: dumbfoundead33

solitaire: “that…that’s not how perspective works”

#11 What They Post vs. Tagged

Image source: BubblyBb813

Anna Ekberg: “Why do people insist on taking 30 years of their pics? Do they really think no one will notice?”

#12 All My Friends Have Been Drooling Over This On Facebook, But I Can’t Get Over How Tiny Her Head Is

Image source: abortionlasagna

annie: “i can’t put my finger on it, but something looks a bit off here”

Caroline Nagel: “You must be as blind as a bat if you drool over this monstrosity.”

#13 Third And Final Round

Image source: jajaja45

Corvus: “Looks like a poorly made collage from the 90’s.”

#14 “Two Months After Giving Birth”

Image source: calilav

#15 She Literally Swapped Races Omg

Image source: bimbotstar

#16 Skin Texture For Thee And Not For Me!

Image source: YouNeedCheeses

#17 Left Photo Was Taken At The Event Unedited, Right Photo Is What She Posted Online From The Same Weekend

Image source: Twinkletoes72989

Juliet Ware: “That’s the Kartrashians for you”

#18 This Is Satire, Right?

Image source: adyingmess

Anna Ekberg: “Am I missing something? Is tiny head to a big body the new IT now?”

#19 Her Photos From 2023 vs. 2019…

Image source: hhhhhhhhhhhgg

Corvus: “My life has been so much better since I got squeezed by that giant mechanical claw.”

#20 I Wonder Why She Doesn’t Want Anyone To Take Her Photos

Image source: vampirebuffy

solitaire: “”they made me look bad”… no, they just didn’t edit you to the moon and back”

#21 Plastic Surgeons Now Yassifing Their Patients On Social Media

Image source: Haunting-Mortgage

#22 I Feel Yall Would Absolutely Eat Her Up Here

Image source: LettuceSome9935

#23 Why Do People Genuinely Believe The Female Human Body Is Capable Of Looking Like This?

Image source: ellainchainss

Corvus: “And then people act surprised when they learn one of their friends has an eating disorder…”

#24 A Popular Tiktoker’s Instagram vs. Tagged Posts

Image source: nialovesmilfs

#25 This Mom Facetuning And Photoshopping Herself And Her Son’s Girlfriend

Image source: Mommywritespoems

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