25 Fascinating Pics From The “World Of Wearable Art Competition 2023”

Published 6 months ago

The World of Wearable Art (WOW) contest is a spectacular event that celebrates the fusion of fashion, art, and innovation. Each year, designers from around the globe push the boundaries of creativity, bringing to life wearable masterpieces that leave us in awe.

For over 35 years, the competition has been a platform for captivating artworks created by the finalists, which are showcased in the annual WOW Show at Wellington’s TSB Arena, New Zealand. This year, the 2023 WOW contest continued the tradition of bringing together artists and designers from various corners of the world. Among the incredible works displayed, the 2023 Supreme WOW Award deservedly went to Nelson designer Gill Saunders for her astonishing creation, “Earthling.”

Let’s embark on a visual journey and explore 25 of the most remarkable entries from this year’s contest that left us spellbound.

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#1 Winner Of The Supreme Wow Award And The Open Section: “Earthling”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Gill Saunders, New Zealand

“Earthling celebrates the natural wonders of our planet in the form of an adult coloring book.”

#2 Third Prize Award In The Mars And Beyond Section: “Entanglement”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Celia Ledon, United States

“A sort of breathing-aid war costume, drawn from a dystopic and ethereal darkness.”

#3 Winner Of The Sustainability Award And Second Prize Award In The Open Section: “Tears Unseen”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Carena West, New Zealand

“Tears Unseen embodies the tears that go unnoticed, shed by women who are mothers and caregivers.”

#4 Second Prize Award In The Gold Section: “Seraph”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Sasha Wisniowski, Australia

“From the opulence of the church to the radiance of the sun, gold is a symbol of the sacred.”

#5 Winner Of The Stuff People’s Choice Award And The Mars And Beyond Section: “Blooming Proof!”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Erna van der Wat, Joanne van Wyk and Lena van der Wat, New Zealand

“There’s life on mars and beyond – alien has been yarn bombed.”

#6 Winner Of The International Design Award And The Gold Section: “Digital Ascension Of Kitsune”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Dawn Mostow and Snow Winters, United States

“The mischievous nine-tailed fox spirit, a thousand years old, ascends to digital heaven.”

#7 Third Prize Award In The Aotearoa Section: “Rusalka”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Nikola Carouso, United Kingdom

“Fish-like bones speak to Maui’s fish and to the marine life at the root of Aotearoa and its evolution and cultural development.”

#8 Winner In The Avant-Garde Section: “Samurai Girl”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Chiaki Shimizu, Japan

“The contemporary woman who paves the way for the times is expressed in ancient Japanese armor.”

#9 Third Prize Award In The Gold Section: “The Golden Chakra”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Akhilesh Gupta and Dimple Gandhi, India

“Inspired from the Chakras system that helps in finding inner peace.”

#10 Winner Of The International Design Award: Australia And Pacific: “Birth Of The Babel Fish”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Lynnette Griffiths and Marion Gaemers, Australia

“Regenerated life enfolds a queen as she births fluorescent Babel fish.”

#11 Winner In The Aotearoa Section: “Child·hood”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Craig McMillan, New Zealand

“Forgotten logs dredged from the lake of childhood summers transformed into what lurks in dark spaces.”

#12 Third Prize Award In The Open Section: “Once Upon A Time”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Marianne van Heeswijk, Netherlands

“A fairy tale invitation to all to reconnect with your soul, the other, and nature.”

#13 Winner Of The First-Time Entrant Award: “Oizys – Goddess Of Emotion”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Abhishek Chauhan, India

“But feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.”

#14 Second Prize Award In The Aotearoa Section: Wellington “The Skin I Am In”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Katherine Bertram, New Zealand

“Finally, I have found my place. I know every detail moving and shifting. wellington, it is my skin.”

#15 Winner Of The Bizarre Bra Section: “Groundbreaking”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Kristy Kirkpatrick and David Kirkpatrick, New Zealand

“Inspired by our two-year-old who expresses joy and awe when he spots a digger at work.”

#16 Winner Of The Student Innovation Award: “Flame Dance”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Eva Chan, Hong Kong

“Life only burns for itself.”

#17 Second Prize Award In The Mars And Beyond Section: “Celestial Body”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Jagoda Matecka and Zofia Brunarska, Poland

“The Celestial Body, something between living creature and plant. An active, transforming creature.”

#18 Second Prize Award In The Avant-Garde Section: “Sen No Hida (1000 Folds)”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Carolyn Gibson and Joelle March, New Zealand

“A fusion of folds and funky fashion.”

#19 Third Prize Award In The Avant-Garde Section: “Love Me Tender”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Antoaneta Tica, Romania

“Society pushes us to fall in love with more and more objects, then to buy them for a happier life.”

#20 Winner Of The International Design Award: Asia: “Shadow Warrior”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Karin Chiu, Cathy, Sin Wei Chow, Choy Yuk Nga, Hong Kong

“The Shadow Warrior’s feminine elegance shines through with gold sparkles on calligraphic-painted preserved leather, creating a captivating sight.”

#21 Winner Of The International Design Award: United Kingdom And Europe: “Metamorphosis”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Juliet Dodson, United Kingdom

“From cocoon to bloom, embodying various complex metamorphoses which occur in nature.”

#22 Winner Of The New Zealand Design Award: “The Golden Age Of Queens”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Georgia Chalmers-Jones, New Zealand

“Armor fit for the queens of the Golden Age of Europe.”

#23 Second Prize Award In The Bizarre Bra Section: “Eyes Up Here”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Rebecca Bond, New Zealand

“Eyes up here! This simple phrase holds a powerful message about the way we see and treat others.”

#24 Winner Of The Wearable Technology Award: “Virtually The Same”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Dylan Mulder and Juliette Thomson, New Zealand

“Digital wearables are here. With AR, Web3, blockchain – this garment can be owned and worn digitally.”

#25 Third Prize Award In The Bizarre Bra Section: “In Case Of Emergency”

Image source: worldofwearableart

Designer: Deborah Bassett, New Zealand

“In an emergency, break glass and give that baby some milk!”

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