This Online Group Shares History Memes And Here Are 30 Of The Funniest

Published 2 years ago

Learning history can sometimes be boring, especially when it comes to memorizing the dates of battles and treaties. However, the online group HistoryMemes never gets boring.

The subreddit keeps sharing hilarious new content and has gathered around 5.3 million followers now. Scroll below to see some of the funniest history memes shared in this community. And if you want more, check out our earlier articles here and here!

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#1 My Cat Is Gonna Be An Olympic Athlete

Image source: historyinmemes

#2 The 70s Were A Weird Time

Image source: FCD4456

#3 Olga Of Kiev’s Bloody Revenge Would Make A Good Movie

Image source: Thiaski


Image source: typahine

#5 Where’s The Love?

Image source: historyinmemes

#6 Indiana Jones And The Misappropriation Of Cultural Artifacts

Image source: Hot-Abbreviations658


Image source: historyinmemes

#8 In The Aftermath Of 9/11, Rescue Dogs Were Becoming Noticeably Depressed Because They Were Only Finding Dead Bodies In The Wreckage. Rescue Workers Tried To Make Them Feel Better By Hiding Beneath The Rubble & Letting The Dogs Find Them So They Would Think They Saved Someone

Image source: TheEliteKoala1

#9 B L O C C

Image source: Florin69420

#10 Oh Yeah It’s Museum Time

Image source: Robden25

#11 Impressive

Image source: historyinmemes

#12 That Giant Thermonuclear Reactor In The Sky Makes Life Possible But Hear Me Out About That Jesus Guy

Image source: TheloPoutso

#13 Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Image source: historyinmemes

#14 I’ll Drink To That

Image source: historyinmemes

#15 Why Did Anyone Ever Think Sleeveless Leather Tops Were Used As Armour Back In The Day

Image source: Haryn1910

#16 Ahh S**t Here We Go Again

Image source: BKergin

#17 Peekaboo

Image source: historyinmemes

#18 Max Planck Was One Of The Founders Of Quantum Physics

Image source: Abschori


Image source: historyinmemes

#20 History Memes Are The Future

Image source: historyinmemes

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