30 Of The Funniest Memes Shared In The “History Memes” Online Group

Published 3 years ago

Learning history can quickly get boring, especially when it comes to memorizing the dates of battles and treaties. However, there’s one place where history never gets boring – and that’s the r/HistoryMemes subreddit.

With over 2.7 million members, the subreddit is never short of hilarious new content that everyone can appreciate. Check out some of the funniest history memes shared in this community below, and if you’re having trouble understanding them and need some help, make sure to read our earlier article on the History Memes Explained Instagram account here!

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#1 Selective Breeding

Image source: NoLifeLine

#2 I See What U Did There

Image source: bea_ker

#3 Professionals Have Standards

Image source: SuperMegaPepega

#4 Scientifically Proven

Image source: TheHyyyype

#5 A Joke Book From 1940

Image source: Physics_Simon

#6 History Repeats Itself

Image source: puffinleaves

#7 Black Panther Flashbacks

Image source: LightSwitch545

#8 So Much Spice!

Image source: Mr_Elijiah

#9 But At Least They Have The Cool Building With All The Flags In It

Image source: cuntfruitcake93

#10 If You Don’t Believe Me Look At China Right Now

Image source: valsagan

#11 Not The Tea

Image source: prylex1

#12 Enslaving People Because Of Color Skin? Absolutely Barbaric!

Image source: reddit.com

#13 What A Nice Little White Girl

Image source: Hottestfish69

#14 They Here Cause You Dragged Them Her

Image source: Baswdc

#15 UK Is Like Belgium

Image source: reddit.com

#16 Oh Well Its Not Like We Can Do Anything About That

Image source: karkeris

#17 Ah, Good Times

Image source: tree_branch1

#18 Just Make Up Your Mind!

Image source: eingutjungen

#19 “George, I’ve Just Noticed Something…”

Image source: chompythebeast

#20 I Dont Think You Want

Image source: SedoSedi

#21 A Toast To The Irish

Image source: SunnyWolf17

#22 Ratatouille’s Revenge

Image source: speedoc

#23 This Country Is Gonna Be Lit!

Image source: subwanuno

#24 Also Forgot To Mention Hera Was His Sister…still A Classic Though

Image source: Ben_Swolo501

#25 Life’s A Witch

Image source: thelonecompanion

#26 *laughs In Nazi Gold*

Image source: EliotHudson

#27 A Rare Glimpse Of A History Meme In The Wild

Image source: rexavior

#28 The Madlad

Image source: ImnotaNixon

#29 I’m So Lucky

Image source: Nonkel_Jef

#30 Literally Grave Robbers

Image source: gofundmemetoday

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