35 Pics Proving Why Japan Is Different From The Rest Of The World

Published 5 months ago

Japan, a country known for its rich cultural heritage, technological advancements, and unique blend of tradition and modernity, stands as a fascinating tapestry of contrasts. From bustling metropolises to serene traditional gardens, Japan captivates with its unparalleled beauty and eccentricities.

Let’s explore some compelling images that shed light on why Japan is a country like no other, offering a glimpse into its multifaceted identity.

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#1 At Nara, This Morning In The Rain, I Saw This Kid Sharing His Umbrella With A Deer. It Melted My Heart

Image source: laura6319

Dirt Bacharach: “Raindeer.”

similarly: “Nara is a deer sanctuary. Nara and Miyajima both have deer wandering around. The ones in Miyajima are jerks. If you don’t feed them, they’ll bite or head-butt you.”

SheamusFanFrom1987: “I am aiming for a future trip to Nara just for the deers alone. I hear they are polite enough to greet you by bowing when you do.”

#2 River In Japan Filled With Cherry Blossom Petals

Image source: WizardsTools

Delta Dawn: “shut. up. 🤩”

#3 First Light On The Beautiful Streets Of Kyoto, Japan

Image source: timtamtoosh

#4 A Can Of Cake From A Vending Machine In Japan

Image source: SinjiOnO

#5 So I Was In Zao Fox Village, Located In Japan, And I Saw These Foxes Waiting For Their Water

Image source: LittlePrayer

Lyop: “Look at those polite cuties!”

#6 Fukui Prefecture Has Dinosaur Benches And Is Known For Its Dinosaur Museums. Roughly 80% Of All Dinosaur Fossils In Japan Are Found In Fukui

Image source: CODfukui

Michael P (Perthaussieguy): “Clever gir….. just clever ;)”

UncleJohn3000: “Benchosaurus?”

#7 This Catbus For Transporting Japanese Preschoolers

Image source: BaronVonBroccoli

#8 When You Need Help At A Train Station In Japan, Customer Service Literally Pops Out Of The Wall

Image source: BeardedGlass

#9 Mannequins In Japan

Image source: Rio_M

#10 Japanese Hospital’s Food. I Gave Birth In Japan, And These Are A Few Examples Of Meals That I Got While I Was At The Hospital

Image source: jenkinsinjapan

InfiniteZeek: “As a man, I would also like to give birth in Japan. Dayum.”

Karri Berkowitz: “That looks better than the food I get at home”

#11 Etiquette Poster “Please Turn Down Your Volume” In Seibu Railway, Japan

Image source: Public_esko

#12 These Movie Tickets From The Ghibli Museum Are Frames From Different Ghibli Movies

Image source: Outpsyched

#13 Takaragawa Onsen – Gunma, Japan

Image source: chickenmamaleno

#14 I Managed To Avoid The Crowds In Kyoto And Took This Photo

Image source: Meteorsw4rm

#15 Japan’s Natural Heart-Shaped Toyoni Lake

Image source: souji5okita

#16 Landscape-Friendly Vending Machine

Image source: ekimemo_kinako

#17 The Pet Hotel We Used Makes A Journal Of Your Pet’s Stay To Give To You When You Pick Them Up

Image source: zaftpunk

#18 Some Elevators In Japan Include An Emergency Kit On The Corner, That Includes Things Like Water, Food And Even Mini-Toilet In Case Of Blackouts Or Earthquakes

Image source: PlanEx_Ship

#19 Today, I Saw A Batman On The Expressway In Chiba

Image source: snsd_mumin

#20 Deer Couple In Nara, Japan

Image source: Marukosu15

#21 KitKat In Japan Have Started Changing Their Packaging From Plastic To Paper

Image source: Mishishi_Kiseki

#22 This Is How Smartphones At Local Japanese Fast Food Restaurants Are Disinfected

Image source: reddit.com

#23 Daily Life In Japan’s Countryside

Image source: pere_peri_peru_

#24 Manhole Covers In Japan

Image source: Lepke2011

#25 Public Air Shower In Tokyo To Blow Pollen Off Hay Fever Sufferers

Image source: Humvee13

#26 There Really Was A Dragon In Shikoku

Image source: chicago0812

#27 The River Looked Whitish And Murky, So When I Looked Closely, I Saw That Jellyfishes Were Migrating

Image source: AU75GM

#28 The View That Unfolded At The Top Of The 270 Steps Was Like Something Out Of An Anime

Image source: shiifoncake

#29 I Came Back To This One Waterfall In Yamagata During 3 Different Seasons

Image source: souji5okita

#30 Subways In Japan Have Women-Only Passenger Cars

Image source: CommitteeOfTheHole

#31 I Captured A Picture Today Of This Man Trying In Vain To Defend Himself From A Deer In Nara, Japan


#32 This Is How Smooth The Bullet Train Is In Japan

Image source: fakeproceedings4

#33 Today’s View From My Tent On Mount Fuji After Sunset. No Editing. It’s Just Japan

Image source: Austrianpotatoe

#34 I Flew To Tokyo On This Bad Boy

Image source: Mister_Minister

#35 Door Latch That Doubles As An Accessories’ Holder At A Public Restroom In Japan. Simple Concept, Straightforward Design, Elegant Execution

Image source: YourInfidelityInMe

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