30 Mind-Bending Pics Of “Accidental Camouflage”, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

Sometimes people like soldiers, spies, or introverts go out of their way to be unnoticed. But other times things just blend with their surroundings all too well without us expecting it and that’s when we start to wonder if our eyes are playing tricks on us.

A subreddit, r/AccidentalCamouflage, is a place where people post pictures that perfectly match their surroundings and some of them will take you a while to understand what you’re seeing. From people to animals, check out the accidental camouflage experts in the gallery below!

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#1 The Perfect Camouflage

Image source: Hauntologist2

#2 The Void Stares Back

Image source: MapsCats

#3 My Wife Was Wearing The Right Jacket At The Right Time

Image source: Purp_Skurp_349

#4 Day 117

Image source: sopadebombillas

#5 Dog On A Bear Blanket

Image source: BMichael919

#6 Help I Lost My Lovebird In This Pile Of Mangoes

Image source: -_-BaDgEr-_-

#7 Camouflage Level: Good Boi

Image source: porn_trooper

#8 My Mom Painted This Outlet To Match The Rocks

Image source: newherel

#9 By Complete Coincidence, The Trees Along This Street Matched The Colors Of The Buildings

Image source: Bomurang

#10 The Way My Chameleon Hides On My Military Backpack

Image source: Realhumanbeing3

#11 My Full Cup Of Milk That Made The Cup Look Upside Down

Image source: PapaMutt

#12 My Favorite Rug

Image source: pg_99

#13 This Well Camoflauged Moth

Image source: dans_hobo_life

#14 A Sitting Jacket

Image source: qlast65

#15 The Tree Had Eyes… Eastern Screech Owl Mom And Two Of Three Owlets Peeking Out

Image source: leslm2019

#16 World’s Tallest Bus

Image source: reddit.com

#17 There’s Something On The Floor

Image source: pakartidur

#18 When She Matches The Court

Image source: frostman5115

#19 The Lichen Huntsman Spider

Image source: stopthemusic-

#20 My Very Own “Carpet Dog”

Image source: bubzbeex

#21 A Second Look Is Not Enough

Image source: traitor_swift

#22 Nice Cushions

Image source: Craig Russell

#23 New Dog Bed

Image source: Dope-p

#24 After A Two Week Search, I Finally Found My Remote

Image source: x-Mowens-x

#25 Picked Up This Little Guy And This Is Where He Chose To Lay

Image source: _Geiger

#26 My Brain Refuses To Believe There Are 4 People In This Photo

Image source: DrFlames2192

#27 After A Fresh Wax (There’s A Car In There)

Image source: randomtask23

#28 We’re Getting A New Kitchen Countertop Soon. Making Sandwiches Will Be Easier

Image source: m83live

#29 Not Perfect, But Quite Satisfying

Image source: Kinetikat

#30 Dang Hard To Find The House Numbers

Image source: naturally-blue

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