This Brilliant Optical Illusion Makes You See A Portrait In A Pile Of Objects

Published 10 years ago

French painter, photographer and sculptor Bernard Pras recreated a portrait of French postman Ferdinand Cheval from a pile of furniture and other household objects using a brilliant forced perspective technique.

The portrait is seen clearly only from one specific angle and is perceived best when looking inside of the frame that prevents us from distractions and the tell-tale cues of the reality. Also, it appears that a particular lens is inside of the frame that forms a more distinguished and fixed view.

Ferdinand Cheval, the man in the portrait, is most famous for spending 33 years of his life building Le Palais Idéal – his soon to be mausoleum and the place where this remarkable installation is now standing. You can visit the exhibition until August 31st, 2014, and find out more about the life of Ferdinand Cheval as well as see this mind-bending art piece with your own eyes.

More info: Website | La Palais Idéal (h/t: imgur)

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