30 Fascinating, Rare, And Unbelievable Pics That Show Why “Nature Was Metal” Millions Of Years Ago

Published 2 years ago

The knowledge of our past, origin, and culture helps us understand things better in the present and helps us navigate better pathways for our future. History not only teaches us many things but also shows how interesting our mother nature is.

Just take a look at the subreddit ‘Nature Was Metal‘ which shares pictures of cool stuff about things that existed millions of years ago and you’ll know what we are talking about. From dinosaur skeletons to Neanderthal reconstructions, you’ll find photos of all sorts of fascinating old historical things in this group. Scroll below to get get a glimpse of our interesting past.

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#1 It May Not Look Like Much, But This Tiny, Billion-Year-Old Green Algae Is The Ancestor Of All Land Plants On Earth

Image source: Peachy-Persimmons

#2 A Neanderthal Father With His Child. Reconstruction Made By The Kennis Brothers

Image source: AddisonDeWitt_

#3 10 Million Years Ago, Turtles Could Eat You With A Single Bite

Image source: billenbijter

#4 This Artist Tom Björklund Draws Neanderthals As People And Not As Biological Specimens. I Have To Say, Out Of All The Art I’ve Seen Of Neanderthals, This Is The One That Humanizes Them The Most

Image source: Salt_x

#5 Crinoid Fossils Can Be Found In Some UK Rivers And Were Once Thought To Be Fairy Coins. Sometimes Called ‘Star Stones’

Image source: j3ffr33d0m

#6 A 120-145 Million Year Old Dinosaur With Two Heads Was Found In Yixian, China

It’s super rare because the chances of a two headed animal are small and for it to even fossilize are even smaller.

Image source: Narendra_17

#7 Imagine Just How Huge And Metal This Mammoth Must Have Been… Tusk Of A Woolly Mammoth In Siberia

Image source: mariospants

#8 In 1982, The Comic Strip ‘The Far Side’ Jokingly Referred To The Set Of Spikes On A Stegosaurus’s Tail As A “Thagomizer”. A Paleontologist Who Read The Comic Realized There Wasn’t Any Official Name For The Spikes And Began Using The New Word; “Thagomizer” Is Now The Generally Accepted Term

Image source: mtlgrems

#9 The Diversity Among Homo Erectus Around The World. Homo Erectus Existed For 1.9 Million Years And Was The Most Successful Human Species

Image source: AddisonDeWitt_

#10 This Brachiosaurus Skeleton

Image source: mtlgrems

#11 The World’s Only Intact Fossil Of An Early Whale – The Basilosaurus Dating About 40 Million Years Ago – Has Been Uncovered During A Excavation At Wadi Al-Hitan In Egypt

Image source: jaketocake

#12 This Spinosaurus Skeleton

Image source: mtlgrems

#13 Quetzalcoatlus, The Biggest Flying Animal Ever!

Image source: Rabano11

#14 23 Million Year Old Lizard Found In Fossil

Image source: Peachy-Persimmons

#15 Tail Of A 99m Yo Dinosaur, The First One Ever Discovered. Perfectly Preserved, Still Covered In Feathers

Image source: Tangledtitty

#16 These 250-Million Year Old Detailed Crinoid Fossils

Image source: Peachy-Persimmons

#17 “Dogor” An 18,000 Year-Old Puppy That Was Discovered In The Siberian Permafrost. He’s So Well Preserved That His Nose And Whiskers Are Still Mostly Intact

Image source: TheEternels

#18 Opalized Crab Claw

If a cavity has formed because a bone, shell or pinecone was buried in the sand or clay that later became rock, and conditions are right for opal formation, then the opal forms a fossil replica of the original object that was buried.

Image source: KimCureAll

#19 This Isn’t A Dinosaur Fossil; It’s A Mummy

A 110 million-year-old Nodosaur was swept to sea by a flooding river, sank, landed on its back, and was pressed into the ocean floor. It’s so well- preserved that it still has intestines and weighs 2,500 of its original 3,000 lbs

Image source: m0rris0n_hotel

#20 Outdated Reconstruction Of A Neanderthal vs. Scientifically Accurate Reconstruction Of A Neanderthal

Image source: AddisonDeWitt_

#21 The Last Photo Taken Of A Wild Barbary Lion. Taken In 1924

Image source: 2005Cule

#22 This Was Toughie, The Last Known Living Rabbs’ Fringe-Limbed Treefrog. He Was Captured As An Adult In Panama In 2005 And Died In Captivity On September 26, 2016

Image source: Pardusco

#23 Skeleton Of Archelon Ischyros

Image source: Ryunysus

#24 Prehistoric Spider-Like Arachnid Found Preserved In Amber

Image source: Tangledtitty

#25 A Comparison Between The Skull Of A Sarcosuchus And A Nile Crocodile

Image source: No-Promotion-2955

#26 Indohyus – The Earliest Known Ancestor Of The Whale

Image source: Animalnuttt

#27 Megalodon & Human Size Comparison

Image source: _KingScar

#28 The Giant Monster That Was Argentinosaurus

Image source: Husdjur

#29 Around 26000 Years Ago This Lion Cub Was Abandoned In A Siberian Cave By Her Mother Who Either Went Hunting, Or Was Killed Never To Return

Unable to feed herself, the cub dubbed Sparta starved and has been perfectly preserved since.

Image source: xindigothoughtsx

#30 Titanoboa Skeleton

Image source: Ryunysus

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