35 Historical Pics And Artifacts That You Might Not Have Seen Before

Published 7 months ago

Step aside, folks – we’ve got “World Of History” with us today! This awesome X page has been dropping history bombs that make even the most exciting Netflix series look dull.

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the past as we delve into some jaw-dropping photos shared by this X page. These snaps not only tell stories but practically teleport you to some epic moments in human history. Scroll below and get a glimpse into the bygone eras and enjoy!

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Image source: UmarBzv

Darryl Martin : ” He is quite clearly either immortal, a time traveler or an immortal time traveler.”

Nimitz : “Wait wait wait wait… Are you telling me Egypt has had TWO skinny guys with curly hair? Amazing”

Crystal Spencer : “Is it weird that the man in the painting is actually the better looking of the 2?”


Image source: UmarBzv

John Smith (he/him/xy/️) : “The mummy made it so that I cannot watch scarabs and expect them to come alive 😭”

Trish : “Careful, that thing will burrow into your skin and eat your brain. True story. Saw it on TV.”


Image source: UmarBzv

Ren Karlej : “Doesn’t exactly look comfy or relaxing! Was it more for studying?”

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa) : “It looks like a torture device.”

Demosthenes : “Where do I put my wine glass?”


Image source: UmarBzv

kitten levels tokyo : “The lower tunnel is for Smart cars only.”


Image source: UmarBzv

Sue Denham : “Hmmmm . . . little bit too public for me.”

Deleila Charlie : “Fun fact, the sponges they used to clean themselves were used by others too and were the cause of disease spread.”

John Dilligaf : “all those empty seats, and of course some @sshole ‘s gotta sit right next to you.”


Image source: UmarBzv

Loverboy : “That’s actually really thoughtful and sweet.”

Zedrapazia : “If I recall correctly, they even made the flour text box be washed out so the clothes would only have the pattern and not “flour” written on them”

Laura Williams : “Awesome! Just another incident showing we need to help each other out. Stop pretending that humans need only worry about one person.”


Image source: UmarBzv

KitKat : “But has it survived the Russian invasion 😓”


Image source: UmarBzv

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa) : “Still around. Thank god they didn’t tear this one down.”


Image source: UmarBzv

kitten levels tokyo : “It blows my mind that this was built in the same year that was 61 years before Nintendo released Tetris.”


Image source: UmarBzv

Edithkkkkk : “Why can’t we bring this back????”


Image source: UmarBzv

Pedantic Panda : “Dead centre of them mountain.”


Image source: UmarBzv

Castles : “Trying to draw a horse from memory? 😆”


Image source: UmarBzv

Loverboy : “Holy f**k how much liquor was in there”

Darryl Martin : “Quick, grab a bucket!!”


Image source: UmarBzv

Kayjunmoon : “Romans had good plumbing, sliding doors, women could own businesses, underfloor heating. Then came the dark ages.”


Image source: UmarBzv

Cora Han : “For those that are curious, the oldest continuous university is University of Bologna in Bologna Italy.”

Ed Brandon : “So surprising that the longest-standing University in “the English speaking world” should be in England! Astonished.”


Image source: UmarBzv

Head_on_a_Stick : “Covid says thanks!”


Image source: UmarBzv

kitten levels tokyo : “And the Monster energy drink logo was born… (The 3 pipes on the left side of the canal.)”


Image source: UmarBzv

Pamelot : “Exquisite architecture.”

Fred L. : “You obviously can’t see it in this picture but it is in a magnificent position; up on the hill with the steep side towards the Moselle river.”


Image source: UmarBzv

kitten levels tokyo : “It is a real cultural flex for a country when even their alleys make it onto internet lists.”


Image source: UmarBzv

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa) : “That’s just the “drive” the storage medium was way smaller. I’m guessing this was a reel to reel machine but the actual storage would have been much smaller.”


Image source: UmarBzv

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa) : “It’s like a scene out of a Final Fantasy game. Except for the haircuts.”


Image source: UmarBzv

Head_on_a_Stick : “It hurts more to get hit in the balls.”

Michael Largey : “Let’s remember what most men think with.”

Mary Kelly : “evidence of male priorities….”


Image source: UmarBzv

Sue Denham : “When you can’t decide between a can or a bottle.”


Image source: UmarBzv

PeepPeep the duck : “I watched a whole show on how he designed it and why and how it’s built for conflict/sword bearing in mind.”


Image source: UmarBzv

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa) : ” The ship so large and glorious, it flipped over and submerged on it’s maiden voyage. IIRC.”


Image source: UmarBzv

cerinamroth : “A familiar sight, except the Grassmarket is full of pubs and stag dos now.”


Image source: UmarBzv

Mis Stake she/her 🇫🇮🇬🇧 : “How much is the rent now?”


Image source: UmarBzv

Aboredpanda : “Honeslty, I need this now.”


Image source: UmarBzv

eMpTy : “Regardless of what you may think of the UK monarchy, there is no doubt she was an amazing lady.”


Image source: UmarBzv

John Smith (he/him/xy/️) : “Assassin’s Creed, anyone? 😁”


Image source: UmarBzv


Image source: UmarBzv


Image source: UmarBzv


Image source: UmarBzv


Image source: UmarBzv

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